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Efest Safe Charging Bag:

Dimensions: 23cm x 18cm

Safely charge your Li-ion batteries by placing the charger inside the safe charging bag on a non combustible surface.

You should always follow the safety instructions provided with your charger and never leave batteries unattended whilst charging.

To use the safe charging bag:

1. Place the charger towards the bottom of the bag
2. Route the charging leads through the vent at the top
3. Close the top flap securely
4. Place on a non flammable surface and charge batteries

Li-ion batteries should always be tested prior to and after charging to make sure that they are not over charging or discharging.

If in doubt about the batteries suitability, do not use them and seek expert advice.

The small bag measures 23cm x 18cm and is suitable for standard USB chargers and batteries (Ego/Riva/Evod) and smaller 2 Bay Li-ion chargers

The large bag measures 30cm x 23cm and is suitable for all chargers (including 4 bay chargers)

Battery Safety

  • Never leave batteries charging unattended (especially overnight)
  • Avoid over-tightening batteries into the charger
  • When not in use store batteries safely
  • Dispose of used batteries only at approved locations
  • Ensure that the charger is suitable for the batteries (if in doubt - ask your supplier)

Additional Information

Additional Information

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