1. Flavour of the Week - Element Honey Roasted Tobacco

    Although they hail from sunny South Florida, Element E-Liquid are known across the globe. If you’ve been lucky enough to try their fantastic juice, it’ll be no surprise to you as to why they are so popular. Element provide their customers with top quality e-liquid that tends to taste absolutely spot on. Our Flavour of the Week for this week is no exception; Element’s Honey Roasted Tobacco.
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  2. IVG Salts 10ml E-Liquid

    IVG Salts 10ml E-Liquid
    IVG Salts is a 50/50 range designed for a satisfying mouth to lung hit predominantly using pod devices, covering a range of unique flavours from Cinnamon Blaze to Bubblegum Millions. IVG’s Salt range provides a smooth throat hit despite being packed with 20mg of nicotine.
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  3. Element NS Salts

    Element NS Salts
    Although Element E-Liquids are based in sunny South Florida, you’ll find their vape flavours all over the world. Element provide their customers with consistently quality juice and offer a broad range of unique flavours. You may recognise Element from their distinct periodic table style packaging. If that’s the case and you’re still yet to try their flavours, then we suggest you do something about it.
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  4. Riot Squad Hybrid Salts

    Riot Squad Hybrid Salts

    Riot Squad, a UK based e-liquid company are known for their explosive flavoured shortfills and their sturdy brand image. In just three years, Riot Squad have risen to prominence across the world and the company’s e-liquid is now stocked in 56 countries. Riot Squad’s new 50/50 nicotine salt RIOT S:ALT range is composed of an innovative blend of both nicotine freebase and nicotine salts with the aim to offer the most realistic alternative to a cigarette.

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  5. IVG 10ml 50/50 E-Liquids

    IVG 10ml 50/50 E-Liquids
    IVG have won countless awards not only for their exceptional e-liquids, but for the company’s emphasis on innovation within the vaping market. With a vast choice of e-liquids, IVG continue to push their brand by curating original and creative flavours. Their 10ml 50/50 e-liquids are amongst the best for both flavour and quality. Each flavour offers a unique vaping experience, providing you with options to add to your arsenal of e-liquid flavours.
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  6. Riot Squad Shortfills

    Riot Squad Shortfills
    In just three years, Riot Squad have risen to prominence in the E-Liquid market due to their explosive flavours and innovative marketing techniques. The bold UK based company boasts a passionate cult like following; not only in Britain, but now in 56 countries across the world. Riot Squad’s poignant notion to ‘stand up, be counted and never back down’ is reflected through the brand’s riveting flavours and unique packaging.
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  7. The New IVG Mixer Lemonade E-Liquid

    The New IVG Mixer Lemonade E-Liquid
    Since IVG’s establishment in 2016, the UK based company has risen to prominence across the global vaping market in over 60 different countries. To anyone who has been fortunate enough to taste their gorgeous e-liquids, this should be no surprise. Their new Lemonade E-Liquid range certainly doesn't disappoint.
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  8. Vaping in the US and its effect on Global Media

    Vaping in the US and its effect on Global Media

    The current situaton in the US on Vaping

    To date there have been 1000+ cases of respiratory disease reported among ‘otherwise healthy young people’, including 20 fatalities, which US officials have claimed are caused by vaping. 

    As a responsible vaping business we feel it is right that we should inform you of the facts as we currently know them. Firstly, we can be very clear that there have been no reported illnesses linked to vaping in the UK.

    Secondly, in the US and most of the international media, they are not making any distinction between vaping products designed as a harm reduction alternative to smoking, and vaping illicit drugs. 

    The experts are telling us that all of the available evidence so far suggests that the unfortunate victims of this illness  have been using black market THC (marijuana) vape products or other homemade products, some containing synthetic cannabinoids like spice.  Not products bought from reputable manufacturers, but from street dealers. In fact the FDA have even updated their warning to the public to state this - but this fact has not been picked up by the UK press in anywhere near the way the original scare stories have been proliferated.

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  9. Nicohit Yankee and Uncle's Vape Co

    Nicohit Yankee and Uncle's Vape Co

    Whether you are looking for a value e-liquid or an affordable premium juice experience, Nicohit has a brand that delivers.

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  10. Cosmic Fog | A Household Name

    Cosmic Fog | A Household Name

    Born in the heart of orange county California, Cosmic Fog have spent a number of years delivering exceptional quality E-Liquids to the vaping community. Despite their location, Cosmic Fog have become a household name in the E-Liquid market throughout the world, through their fantastic flavours. 

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