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5 Fruity Flavours That All Vapers Should Try


Today, we are going to be focusing on five of our favourite fruity flavours that you can find here at Go-Liquid. Some of the flavours mentioned are new arrivals, others are some of our best-selling flavours that we’ve stocked for a number of years, so without further ado, here are five fruity flavours to get your summer started!


Valencia Orange & Passionfruit – Ohm Boy


Kicking off our list, we have a new arrival courtesy of Ohm Boy. Part of their 50ml shortfill range, this flavour features the delectable taste of sweet Valencia oranges on inhale, paired with the tart complexion of passion fruit on exhale. Valencia Orange & Passionfruit is the definition of an all day vape. This soft and persuasive flavour isn’t too overpowering and offers you a truly pleasant vaping experience.


To purchase Valencia Orange & Passionfruit as a 50ml Shortfill, click here.


Watermelon Chill – Element E-Liquid


Watermelon Chill is next on our list. This outrageously tasty flavour has long been a staple of Element E-Liquid’s Dripper range. Watermelon Chill is a refreshing remedy that is sure to help you beat the heat. On inhale, the taste of stimulating watermelon soothes your taste-buds before a calming whisper of chilled mint takes over on exhale. This classic flavour courtesy of Element is a must try for lovers of watermelon flavoured vapes.


To purchase Watermelon Chill as a 50ml shortfill, click here.


Purple Rain – Dinner Lady


Next up, we have a delicious berry cocktail courtesy of Dinner Lady that goes by the name of Purple Rain. Purple Rain is a fabulous concoction that will drown out your sorrows due to its rich fusion of dark flavours. This flavour features tangy blueberries, complimented by sweet raspberries and zesty lemons. Each fruit works together perfectly in cohesion, creating a beautifully balanced vape.


To purchase Purple Rain as a 50ml shortfill, click here.


Honeydew Lemonade – IVG E-Liquid


Next up on our list, we have Honeydew Lemonade, a delightful blend that you can find in the IVG shortfill range. Honeydew Lemonade features the taste of juicy honeydew melon combined with freshly squeezed lemon juice. On exhale, a garnish of freshly crushed ice completes this vape, making it the perfect summertime vape.


To purchase Honeydew Lemonade as a 50ml shortfill, click here.


Raspberry Grenade – Riot Squad E-Liquid


Last but certainly not least on our list, we have Raspberry Grenade, which is an explosive flavour courtesy of Riot Squad E-Liquid. Raspberry Grenade is a mouth-wateringly sweet and sharp raspberry blend that features an explosion of fizzy lemonade on exhale. Raspberry Grenade stays true to the classic sweet Riot Squad taste and is a simple yet effective flavour.


To purchase Raspberry Grenade as a 50ml shortfill, click here.

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