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5 Magnificent E-Liquid Flavours To Try If You're Mad About Mango


Mango is one of the UK’s most popular fruits when it comes to vape flavours. The luscious tropical fruit boasts syrupy and sugary qualities, making it perfect for sweet-toothed vapers. Here at Go-Liquid, we sell a variety of mango flavoured e-liquid.


Today, we are going to be delving into our five favourite mango flavours that you can find on our website. So, without further ado, here goes.


Absolution Juice – Ruby Mango

Absolution Juice - Ruby Mango

Absolution Juice’s Ruby Mango takes inspiration from the classic juicy taste of Rubicon Mango. This mouth-watering mango juice flavour is sweet yet subtle and boasts a fizzy, sugary taste on exhale. Ruby Mango is a perfect option for vapers who are looking to pick up a cheap shortfill with stunning taste.

Click here to view Ruby Mango in our store.



Element E-Liquid – Subzero Mango Passion

Element NS - Subzero Mango Passion

Element’s Mango Passion is part of their latest Subzero range. This delectable concoction features a mouth-watering combination of luscious mango and sweet passionfruit on inhale and is topped off by an icy blast on exhale. Featuring natural flavourings, Mango Passion is a demonstration of Element’s ability to produce the perfect fruity e-liquid.

Click here to view Mango Passion in our store.



Riot Squad – Mango Lime Grenade

Riot Squad Punk Grenade - Mango Lime Grenade

Part of Riot Squad’s Punk Grenade range, Mango Lime Grenade is a one of a kind tropical blend. On inhale, ripe mango and nectarous lime fight for dominance, before the taste of fizzy Sicilian lemonade soothes your palate. Mango Lime Grenade is a unique flavour that is sure to leave you feeling totally satisfied.

Click here to view Mango Lime Grenade in our store.


IVG Salt – Fresh Mango

IVG Salt - Fresh Mango 

IVG’s Fresh Mango does what it says on the tin. This clean and simple blend features the classic mango taste with a soft elixir of citrus on exhale. Fresh Mango undoubtedly one of IVG’s stand out Salt flavours. Sometimes, simplicity is what’s needed.

Click here to view Fresh Mango in our store.


Dinner Lady – Sun Tan Mango

Dinner Lady - Sun Tan Mango

Dinner Lady’s Sun Tan Mango is the ultimate summertime vape; no matter what the weather, this refreshingly gorgeous flavour will leave you feeling bliss. Sun Tan Mango features the taste of sublime mango paired with hints of honey and a shattering blast of ice on exhale.

Click here to view Sun Tan Mango in our store.

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