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5 Of The Best E-Liquid Flavours To Try This September


We understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming when attempting to choose a flavour to buy from a vape store, so today, we’re going to try to make your next purchase decision a little easier. We’ve decided to compile a list of 5 e-liquid flavours that we’re loving at the moment here at Go-Liquid. To offer you a variety, we’ve only chosen a single flavour from each brand, so without further ado, let’s get into it.


Element Tonix – American Apple Pie


Element’s Tonix range features a collection of classic throwback flavours that are designed to remind you of your childhood. American Apple Pie is without a doubt one of the stand-out flavours in the Tonix range and features a combination of sweet cinnamon and crisp apples that is bold in both heritage and flavour.


Element’s American Apple Pie boasts delicious apple slices and sweet cinnamon infused with notes of flaky piecrust and decadent pastry undertones. We can’t get enough of this scrumptious dessert flavour at the moment. It’s a must try for all of you dessert lovers out there.


To view Element’s American Apple Pie in our store CLICK HERE.


IVG – Tropical Ice Blast


Tropical Ice Blast is one of IVG’s newest flavours and has been greeted with overwhelmingly positive reviews since it was released in late August. Tropical Ice Blast features a complex blend of nectarous fruits accompanied by a blast of ice on exhale. This intense yet wonderful flavour is sure to leave you totally satisfied.


When you first inhale Tropical Ice Blast, your taste-buds are rocked by a combination of tangy kiwi, ripe-tasting watermelon and crisp apple. This alluring flavour is a demonstration of IVG’s ability to create an intricate fruity flavour that is packed with outrageously satisfying taste. There’s a reason why this flavour has been such a hit since its release; it’s absolutely sensational.


To view IVG’s Tropical Ice Blast in our store CLICK HERE.


ELiquid France – Mozart


Mozart is a testimony to the fact that ELiquid France do it like no one else. ELiquid France’s flavours tend to be unique and often feature a collection of contrasting elements within one bottle and Mozart is no different.


Mozart features five elements of taste that work perfectly in cohesion. This captivating blend of red berries, apple, grenadine, liquorice and iced mint is like no other flavour that you will ever taste. Mozart is a flavour that we’ve been loving recently, it’s a refreshingly unique flavour that simply can’t be replicated. If you’re looking to try something a bit different, Mozart is definitely worth a try.


To view ELiquid France’s Mozart in our store CLICK HERE.


Vivity – Blackcurrant Candy


Vivity’s Blackcurrant Candy is a criminally underrated flavour that we can’t get enough of at the moment. This flavour is designed to satisfy sweet-toothed vapers and is without a doubt one of the best value for money shortfills available on the market in 2020. Blackcurrant Candy features an explosion of taste like no other.


Blackcurrant Candy flaunts a sumptuous blend of ripe blackcurrants topped off with delicious candy undertones. This sticky flavour is bound to satisfy you if you happen to be a lover of sweet flavours and the fact that it’s available as part of our 2 For £15 50ml shortfill offer makes it superb value.


To view Vivity’s Blackcurrant Candy in our store CLICK HERE.


Tobacco House – Signature Blend


The Tobacco House range features five simple and clean tobacco based flavours which each offer their own distinctive twist. Signature Blend is one of the most popular flavours within the range and is a must try for lovers of tobacco flavoured e-liquid.


Signature Blend is Tobacco House’s flagship brand and features a dark, oak based tobacco flavour with suave and subtle cookie-like undertones. This decadent tobacco flavour is totally satisfying and silky-smooth. Signature Blend is bound to leave you just wanting more. Just like Vivity’s Blackcurrant Candy, it is available as part of our 2 For £15 mix and match shortfill offer.


To view Tobacco House’s Signature Blend in our store CLICK HERE.

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