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5 Of The Best E-Liquids To Try This November


Today, we’re going to be running through five mouth-watering e-liquid flavours that you should try this November. It’s always a breath of fresh air discovering a new e-liquid that you love, so hopefully, this list will help you find a new favourite flavour to spruce up your arsenal of e-liquid!


Riot Squad – Mango, Peach & Pineapple


Kicking off our list, we have a brand new flavour courtesy of Riot Squad. Mango, Peach & Pineapple is part of their latest Punx Range. This concoction of tropical fruits is the perfect flavour for sweet-toothed vapers and is undoubtedly one of the stand out blends within the Punx Range. Mango, Peach & Pineapple is a heavenly fruit fusion that features the taste of nectarous mango on inhale. As you begin to exhale, notes of peach and pineapple fight for dominance. Sweet-toothed vapers, look no further than this outrageously fruity shortfill this November.


To view Riot Squad’s Mango, Peach & Pineapple in our store, click here.


Element E-Liquid – Banana Nut


We had to throw in a classic Element flavour this month. Banana Nut is a household name for many vapers in the UK. If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? This shamelessly indulgent dessert blend is one of Element’s finest pieces of art. Boasting the aroma of freshly baked banana bread draped in smooth caramel, this flavour is undoubtedly one of the best Element flavours of all time. Dessert lovers who haven’t tried Banana Nut yet really ought to.


To view Element’s Banana Nut in our store, click here.


IVG – Cinnamon Blaze Chew


Typically, IVG’s most popular flavours tend to be their fruit based e-liquids. The British brand are masters of creating sweet, flavoursome e-liquid. Cinnamon Blaze Chew is a testimony to the fact that IVG are also capable of crafting beautiful blends without relying on fruit flavourings. Cinnamon Blaze Chew features the taste of sugary chewing gum complimented by aromatic cinnamon for a distinct e-liquid. This spiced candy blend may not sound the most enticing, however, it is truly a masterpiece. Both unique and delicious, Cinnamon Blaze Chew is another hit courtesy of IVG.


To view IVG’s Cinnamon Blaze Chew in our store, click here.


Dinner Lady – Lemon Sherbets


Next up, we have a sugary delight thanks to Dinner Lady. Lemon Sherbets is a simple yet effective flavour that will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet-toothed vapers. This delicious e-liquid is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing flavours you’ll find in Dinner Lady’s 10ml range. Lemon Sherbets tastes just like the classic tuck shop sweet and is sure to provide you with the nostalgic taste of your childhood! A sweet, sugary sherbet base with fizzy notes is complemented by a zingy lemon twang on exhale for a balanced vape.


To view Dinner Lady’s Lemon Sherbets in our store, click here.


Relax – E-Liquid France


Last but certainly not least on our list, we have an exceptionally intricate and unique blend going by the name of ‘Relax’ by E-Liquid France. Relax is one of the most creative flavours you’ll get your hands on in the UK. This succulent flavour features four main elements: Tobacco, Coffee, Cookies & Vanilla. If you happen to be a fan of more savoury flavours, Relax is one for you. The beauty of this flavour is that you can clearly taste each element. E-Liquid France have a strong reputation of being masterful blenders of complex flavours and Relax is a true testimony to that.


To view E-Liquid France’s Relax in our store, click here.



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