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5 Underrated IVG Flavours That You Need To Try!


IVG have been around since 2016 and are without a doubt one of our most popular brands here at Go-Liquid. The English brand, who continue to constantly expand are now available in over 100 different countries globally. IVG have a variety of different ranges and boast an array of contrasting flavours. Typically, they tend to get the most credit for their fruity e-liquid. Today, we are going to be looking at five underrated IVG flavours that you need to try.


IVG’s most popular flavours such as Summer Blaze and Rainbow Blast, are some of the most iconic e-liquids in the world. Today however, I want to introduce you to some flavours by IVG that you may not have tried. We have five flavours in our list today that don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve.


Blueberry Crush – IVG Menthol Range


Blueberry Crush is the first flavour on our list and is a demonstration of IVG’s ability to blend the perfect menthol fruit flavoured e-liquid. The taste of juicy blueberries is evident throughout, accompanied by mouth-watering hints of sugary candy before being topped off with a luscious, smooth hit of mint.


Click here to view Blueberry Crush as a 10ml E-Liquid and a 50ml Shortfill.


Butterscotch Custard – IVG After Dinner Range


IVG don’t tend to be best well known for dessert flavours, but Butterscotch Custard is a testimony to the fact that they can produce rich and decadent pudding flavoured e-liquid. When vaping this flavour, a smooth vanilla custard flavour is combined with creamy butterscotch notes, making it a truly indulgent e-liquid. Butterscotch Custard is without a doubt one of IVG’s most impeccable dessert flavours.


Click here to view Butterscotch Custard as a 50ml Shortfill.


Tropical Berry – IVG Chew Range


IVG’s Chew range features a collection of flavours with an added chewing gum taste. Tropical Berry is undoubtedly one of the best flavours within this unique range and features a blend of rich and juicy fruit. On inhale, you are greeted by the taste of fresh berries and tropical fruits. Chewing gum undertones are evident throughout and make this flavour incredibly satisfying and invigorating.


Click here to view Tropical Berry as a 50ml Shortfill and a 10ml Nicotine Salts E-Liquid.


Bubblegum Millions – IVG Select Range


Bubblegum Millions is probably the most well known flavour on this list. However, I decided to include it as it tends to be overshadowed by Blackcurrant Millions. Bubblegum Millions features the taste of sweet bubblegum with a vibrant and sugary taste. Slight undertones of blueberry and chewy candy are also evident. Bubblegum Millions is a delicious e-liquid that will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet toothed vapers!


Click here to view Bubblegum Millions as a 10ml E-Liquid and a 50ml Shortfill.


Pink Lemonade – IVG Classics Range


Pink Lemonade is a well-loved e-liquid flavour across the globe. IVG have perfectly captured this delicious flavour and have managed to conjure up a stunning bitter-sweet treat. IVG’s Pink Lemonade features the taste of Sicilian Lemonade topped off by raspberries and a refreshing hint of cool mint. This flavour is one to try for lemonade lovers.


Click here to view Pink Lemonade as a 50ml Shortfill and a 10ml Nicotine Salts E-Liquid.


So there you have our full review. Five IVG flavours that you may not have tried yet! Hopefully, there’s a flavour or two in that list that sounds appealing. IVG e-liquid is perfect for all different kinds of devices. The beauty of their juice is the fact that it’s packed with great flavour, yet it tends to be conservative towards your coil’s life span.

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