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5 Unique Dessert Flavoured E-Liquids


Dessert flavoured e-liquids are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with the market for them growing exponentially each year. There is an abundance of dessert and cake flavoured e-liquid on the market today. We decided to introduce you to five dessert flavours that we’ve been loving recently. In order to keep it interesting, we tried to pick five flavours that boast a unique taste. So, without further ado, let’s get in to it.


Sakuramochi – Element E-Liquid’s KOI Range


Element’s KOI range is dedicated to the classic tastes of Japanese desserts. Sakuramochi is without a doubt a frontrunner for one of the best flavours available in this range and boasts the taste of delicate Japanese ice cream. Perfectly capturing the flavour of soft ice cream with swirls of black cherry, this shortfill is flawlessly delicious. Sakuramochi is a simple yet delicious e-liquid and is a must try for lovers of juicy, black cherry ice cream.


To view Element’s Sakuramochi in our store, click here.


Cookie Dough – IVG’s After Dinner Range


Typically, IVG are known for producing delicious fruit flavoured e-liquid. Their outrageously indulgent Cookie Dough flavour however, is a demonstration that they are just as capable of producing a mouth-watering dessert flavour. Cookie Dough features the unmissable taste of fresh, sugary cookies accompanied by soft and silky vanilla undertones.


To view IVG’s Cookie Dough in our store, click here.


Relax – Eliquid France


When it comes to a company's ability to blend a number of complex elements in to a single bottle, ELiquid France are untouchable. It’s fair to say, ELiquid France don’t make simple flavours, Relax is a demonstration of their creativity. Featuring a captivating blend of tobacco, coffee, cookies and vanilla, this e-liquid is a truly unique, indulgent flavour.


To view ELiquid France’s Relax in our store, click here.


Butter Apple – Cosmic Fog’s OG Classic Range


Cosmic Fog’s OG Classic range features a collection of delicious 50ml shortfills. Butter Apple is a demonstration of the American company’s ability to produce a delightfully smooth dessert flavour. Boasting a delicious blend of crisp apple with an added spicy hint of cinnamon, Butter Apple is a delightful flavour that is sure to leave you totally satisfied.


To view Cosmic Fog’s Butter Apple in our store, click here.


Berry Crumble – Absolution Juice


Absolution Juice are a British based e-liquid company who continue to grow within the vaping industry year upon year. Berry Crumble is one of their most impressive flavours and features the unforgettable taste of the classic British dessert. On inhale, you are greeted by the classic taste of mixed forest berries, before the taste of freshly baked crumble takes over, accompanied by silky pastry-like undertones. Berry Crumble is a simple yet enchanting e-liquid.


To view Absolution Juice’s Berry Crumble in our store, click here.

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