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5 Winter Warmer E-Liquid Flavours To Try This Christmas


Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas, we’re going to be having a look at five delicious, winter warming flavours that you can get your hands on here at Go-Liquid. We’ve selected a handful of mouth-watering shortfills from a selection of our most popular brands that will be sure to leave you feeling satisfied this festive period!


Element Tonix – Cherry Almond


Kicking off our list, we have a divine concoction courtesy of Element. This bright and vibrant creation is part of Element’s Tonix range, which features a variety of unique tasting retro flavours. Cherry Almond features bright and lively cherries on inhale with sweet and subtle hints of candied almonds on exhale. This delicate flavour is the perfect winter warmer. Featuring soft creamy notes, Element’s Cherry Almond will leave you feeling totally satisfied.


To purchase Element’s Cherry Almond, click here.


Momo E-Liquid – Drizzle Dream


Next on our list, we have a magical dessert based blend by Momo E-Liquid. Drizzle Dream is a light and fluffy sponge cake flavoured vape that boasts persuasive characteristics. On inhale, Drizzle Dream greets your taste-buds with the taste of freshly baked lemon sponge cake. As you begin to exhale, a zesty lemon icing flavour becomes prominent. Drizzle Dream is a truly delicious dessert flavour that will leave your head in the clouds!


To purchase Momo E-Liquid’s Drizzle Dream, click here.


IVG – Forest Berries Ice


It’s only right to include a fruity delight courtesy of IVG in this list. Forest Berries Ice is far from a winter warmer, in fact it’s a menthol blast, however, it’s certainly a mouth-watering e-liquid that deserves its place on this list. IVG have nailed a perfect wintery feel with this one. Forest Berries Ice delivers you the unmissable taste of blackberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and sugary cherries and is topped off by an intense frosty bite on exhale.


To purchase IVG’s Forest Berries Ice, click here.


Yankee E-Liquid – Toffee Caramel Vanilla


Yankee’s Toffee Caramel Vanilla is a scrumptious dessert flavour that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories. This gorgeous flavour features a combination of heavenly toffee, luscious caramel and smooth vanilla ice cream. If you enjoy dessert flavoured e-liquid, Toffee Caramel Vanilla is undoubtedly one to try this Christmas. It is a truly indulgent flavour.


To purchase Yankee E-Liquid’s Toffee Caramel Vanilla, click here.


Tobacco House – Honey Roasted Tobacco


Last but certainly not least, we have a wholesome tobacco flavour that you can find in the Tobacco House range. Honey Roasted Tobacco is a totally smooth flavour that features the taste of sweet, slightly smoked tobacco and roasted nuts lathered in a mouth-watering honey glaze. This flavour is a satisfying blend that is sure to leave you feeling absolutely fulfilled. If you happen to be a fan of tobacco flavours, Honey Roasted Tobacco is a must try for you.


To purchase Tobacco House's Honey Roasted Tobacco, click here.

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