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6 New Dinner Lady Shortfills Now Available


We are happy to reveal that we are expanding our range of Dinner Lady shortfills. Last month, we announced that we were stocking Dinner Lady and due to the positive reaction from our customers, we’ve decided to add more flavours.


Dinner Lady are one of the world’s leading e-liquid brands and are known best for some of their iconic dessert flavours such as Lemon Tart and Blackberry Crumble. Dinner Lady offer a variety of flavours and boast an array of ranges. We’ve carefully picked 6 new flavours to add to our store that we feel will be the most successful. So without further ado, let’s look at the latest Dinner Lady shortfills available here at Go-Liquid.


Bubble Trouble (With or Without Ice) –


If you’re a vaper with a sweet tooth, it’s fair to say you can’t beat a nice bubblegum flavoured e-liquid. Dinner Lady have managed to deliver just that with their delicious Bubble Trouble flavour, which features the tantalising taste of fizzy bubblegum topped off by alluring fruity undertones. Bubble Trouble is available with or without a blast of ice on exhale.

Dinner Lady 50ml Bubble Trouble Shortfill

To purchase Bubble Trouble with Ice CLICK HERE.

To purchase Bubble Trouble without Ice CLICK HERE.


Purple Rain –


Purple Rain features a fusion of rich, dark flavours and is without a doubt one of Dinner Lady’s stand out flavours. This intense yet charming e-liquid perfectly combines a variety of zesty and tangy elements. On inhale, the unmissable taste of tangy blueberry is evident, before sweet raspberry and zesty lemon battle for dominance on exhale. Purple Rain is an all round balanced vape that will leave you totally satisfied.

Dinner Lady Purple Rain 50ml Shortfill

To purchase Purple Rain CLICK HERE.


Pink Berry –


Pink Berry is another demonstration of Dinner Lady’s ability to produce a delicious fruity e-liquid. This flavour features the taste of mixed berries on inhale and is countered by zesty lemon on exhale. Pink Berry is a bittersweet delight that is packed with flavour. This flavour boasts an irresistible twang that is totally unique. If you enjoy zesty, citrus flavours, Pink Berry could be the one for you.

Dinner Lady Pink Berry 50ml Shortfill

To purchase Pink Berry CLICK HERE.


Strawberry Macaroon –


Dinner Lady are known best for their decadent dessert flavoured e-liquid and Strawberry Macaroon is a testimony to that. Strawberry Macaroon is a rich, layered dessert blend that boasts a fruity glaze. On inhale, your taste-buds are greeted by a ripe tasting strawberry flavour before notes of cream are topped off by almond and coconut on exhale. Strawberry Macaroon is a truly delightful dessert based e-liquid.

Dinner Lady Strawberry Macaroon 50ml Shortfill

To purchase Strawberry Macaroon CLICK HERE.


Watermelon Slices –


Personally, I would vouch for Watermelon Slices as my favourite Dinner Lady e-liquid of all time. Inspired by the fizzy watermelon sweets, this e-liquid is without a doubt one of the best candy based flavours I have ever tasted. Sweet and fresh watermelon notes kick things off in inhale and are followed by a tongue-twisting burst of sour candy. Watermelon Slices is the perfect candy flavour and is a must try for all vapers.

Dinner Lady Watermelon Slices 50ml Shortfill

To purchase Watermelon Slices CLICK HERE.


All Dinner Lady shortfills are available for £13.99 and come with an optional nicotine shot, which you can add to your e-liquid if you wish to vape with nicotine. Dinner Lady 50ml shortfills are also available as part of our 3 For £35 mix and match offer, which includes all of our premium brands such as Element, IVG and Riot Squad.

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