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9 Fruity Shortfills That Will Help You Beat The Heat This Summer


There is an abundance of fruit flavoured e-liquids on the market in 2020. We’ve compiled a list of 9 of our favourite fruity shortfills that will help you beat the heat this summer. In this list, expect to find the juiciest, most refreshing flavours that will leave your tongue twisted!


Fresh Squeeze – Element E-Liquid


Fresh Squeeze is the definition of a cult classic. For whatever reason, orange flavoured e-liquids don’t tend to too popular, but Fresh Squeeze has been has been one of Element’s staple flavours for years now. The best way to describe this e-liquid would be to compare it to an ice cold glass of orange juice. A truly refreshing sweet and tangy citrus blend.


Click here to purchase Fresh Squeeze as a 50ml shortfill.


Neon Lime – IVG


Neon Lime is part of IVG’s Classic Range; which includes some of their most iconic flavours. This sublime flavour features a blend of zesty lemon and lime topped off with a dash of cool mint on exhale. IVG have nailed the perfect lemon and lime flavour with this irresistible e-liquid. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.


Click here to purchase Neon Lime as a 50ml shortfill.


Mango & Lime Grenade – Punk Grenade


Riot Squad’s Punk Grenade range has been a huge hit since it was introduced to the vaping market a couple of years ago. Mango & Lime Grenade is one of the range’s standout flavours and is the perfect e-liquid for a hot summer day. On inhale, shades of mango are evident before a zesty lime flavour takes control. Mouth-watering lemonade undertones are evident throughout.


Click here to purchase Mango & Lime Grenade as a 50ml shortfill.


Cherry Fizzle – Riot Squad


Without a doubt one of Riot Squad’s most iconic flavours of all time, Cherry Fizzle is an insanely good cherry flavoured vape. Featuring sweet and sour notes, this delicious e-liquid boasts fizzy candy undertones, which are topped off by tangy cherry. If you’ve not tried Cherry Fizzle yet, what are you waiting for?!


Click here to purchase Cherry Fizzle as a 50ml shortfill.


Galago – Twelve Monkeys Origins


Other than its irresistible taste, the best thing about Twelve Monkeys’ Galago is the fact that it was designed with reduced sugar to provide long lasting coil life. Galago features the exotic taste of lychee and bitter grape and is a sweet tasting, balanced vape. Twelve Monkeys are an experienced brand with in the vaping industry and the Canadian company have delivered yet again with this sensational shortfill.


Click here to purchase Galago as a 50ml shortfill.


Honeydew Lemonade – IVG


Honeydew Lemonade is part of IVG’s Mixer range, which pays homage to the classic taste of fresh lemonade. This variant boasts the taste of ice cold lemonade topped off with tantalising slices of honeydew melon. Honeydew Lemonade is bursting with flavour and is without a doubt one of the tastiest flavours available in the Mixer range.


Click here to purchase Honeydew Lemonade as a 50ml shortfill.


Verylicious – Doozy Vape Co.


Verylicious is the ultimate berry flavoured e-liquid. This complex blend features three main components, which work together in perfect cohesion. On inhale, you get the taste of juicy green apples mixed with freshly picked summer berries. The unmissable taste of bubblegum then takes over on exhale. Verylicious is a divine flavour and will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet toothed vapers.


Click here to purchase Verylicious as a 50ml shortfill.


Apple Sours Ice – Dinner Lady


Featuring the taste of classic apple sour sweets with an added hint of ice on exhale, this flavour is ultimately refreshing. This sweet and sour blend features ripe apples on inhale, before being undercut by a tangy burst of fizzy sherbet on exhale. A minty blast of ice tops off this flavour making it truly delightful.


Click here to purchase Apple Sours Ice as a 50ml shortfill.


Limon Watermelon Chill – Element E-Liquid


Limon Watermelon Chill is an explosion of two complex, crisp blends. Tangy Limon meets their iconic Watermelon Chill flavour. On inhale, your taste buds are greeted by the delicate taste of citrusy lemon with silky smooth undertones. Juicy tones of watermelon then take over and are topped off by the refreshing coolness of mint on exhale.


Click here to purchase Limon Watermelon Chill as a 50ml shortfill.

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