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A Truly Magnificent Melon Blend - Cosmic Fog's 'Crypto'


Cosmic Fog - OG Classics Range - 'Crypto' E-Liquid Review


Cosmic Fog are one of the most recognisable vaping brands in the world. The California based brand are known for their masterful blending techniques and quaint flavours. Whether it be decadent dessert flavours or classic American candy blends, Cosmic Fog seamlessly manage to consistently produce unique, delicious e-liquid flavours.


According to the company themselves, Cosmic Fog were founded with the mission statement of “crafting unique, thoroughly tested, highest quality e-liquid”. Combining their knowledge of the culinary world with dedicated research, Cosmic Fog offer a premium vaping experience. The American brand spend an average of 7-10 months carefully crafting each e-liquid in order to achieve the perfect flavour.


Today, we are going to be focusing on one of the six flavour available in Cosmic Fog’s ‘OG Classics’ range, which was released in the UK earlier this year. The OG Classics range has been a huge success since hitting the shelves in the UK, and features a collection of their most popular flavours each with an added twist.


The flavour that we are looking at today goes by the name of ‘Crypto’. It impressed me so much when I tried it, that I decided it really deserved its own review. Crypto delivers the classic taste of American candy with an added twist of fresh melon. This mouth-watering tropical blend is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best candy flavours I have tasted for a long time.


When first inhaling Crypto, you are greeted by a jaw-dropping medley of succulent cantaloupe melon and refreshing watermelon. As you begin to exhale, the taste of sweet, candy-like undertones wrestle for dominance, giving Crypto a lip-smacking finishing touch. Crypto is truly a glorious flavour. If you happen to enjoy melon flavoured e-liquid, look no further than this godly vape flavour.


You can find Crypto on our site now as a 50ml shortfill e-liquid for £13.99. Crypto as well as the full OG Classics range are also available as part of our 3 For £35 mix and match shortfill offer, which includes all of our premium brands such as Element, IVG, Riot Squad and Dinner Lady. Scroll down to the ‘Related Products’ section of this page to try Crypto for yourself!

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