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Element E-Liquid Banana Nut


Singer Henry Rollins once said, “You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.” This means Element eLiquids must be an insanely good juice company.

Element has an advantage over many other brands: history. Launched in 2014, the company came to the notice of British vapers when it attended the 2015 Vape Expo at the NEC. The combination of simple but powerful branding, combined with innovative packaging to make it stand out for their competitors – but it was the juice itself that wowed the Expo’s attendees and won the company an award at the show. On the back of the exceptionally positive reception it received, Element set up a company in the UK in 2016. 

David Botton, Element E-Liquid’s CEO, frequently talks about his company being “cutting edge”, and is justifiably proud of its “innovative, award-winning e-liquids”. Element has picked up many prizes since 2015. With Element liquids you aren’t just buying another mass-produced juice to vape, you’re experiencing something made with vision and love that has earned the respect of hundreds of thousands of loyal customers.

We stand behind our brand and are constantly perfecting our formula to ensure that our customers are continually coming back for more.”

Element has always embraced integrity above anything else. As one of the first companies to voluntarily adopt warning labels and childproof caps, it takes the business of supplying pleasure seriously.

What you get in a bottle is the confidence. Element are Rolls Royce liquids on shelves stocked with cheap Trabants: The nicotine is organically extracted from natural American tobacco leaves, the PG/VG is top-quality pharmaceutical grade, and the juices are guaranteed to be 100% diacetyl-free. Every bottle, mixed in an ISO 7 Cleanroom, is pre-steeped so you can crack it open and start vaping immediately.

Somewhere, at this precise moment in time, there’s a small child watching an adult pulling on a pair of oven gloves. They’re wondering why someone would wear gloves indoors. They’re wondering why the two gloves are attached and not like the ones the big kids wear. They’re wondering what the smell is, fusing parts of a fruit basket with Asda’s sweets aisle and the bakery ovens in Lidl.

Out of the oven comes a fresh loaf; its moist hot pungency filling the kitchen with dreams of mashed, overripe bananas. The trick to a good banana nut bread, the big person explains to the smaller, is to finely chop the walnuts prior to lightly toasting. “It means the bread rises naturally,” they add to the now vacant audience. Children don’t need educating at times like these, they need feeding.

Barely enough time to cool, the first mouthfuls are taken. Then more slices hit plates. Children are like Labrador pups, if it tastes good then they’ll gorge – and they bite if you pat them on the head. This tastes so good. The walnuts add just a hint to the overall flavour, so as not to detract from the fruit, but there’s more. Is there a vanilla pod in there with the sense of caramel from the baked sugar? 

If the child had listened, they’d have heard that the recipe isn’t everything. You need to blend a love of the craft with the finest ingredients to make something delightful. That, and a desire to appear on the Great British Bake-off. Element eLiquids may not have appeared on national television, but the company has collected as many awards as an A-list actor.

Vaping Element E-Liquid Banana Nut is akin to watching a film at the IMAX; it’s a richer, more rewarding experience. The rich, dense vape envelops your tongue with the taste of ripe bananas, sweet caramel and a hint of nuts.

The Dripperand Shortfillversions are ‘VG-heavy’, meaning they are more suited to higher wattage direct-to-lung vaping with subohm tanks or drippers – rewarding you with clouds of rewarding flavour. For this liquid, I use a squonk mod set to 45W with a .8ohm coil in the atomiser, but you will need to play with your settings to find your personal sweet spot.

Lower wattage all-in-one device or mouth-to-lung atomiser users will be better served by the Traditional version, with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. Less cloud, same fantastic flavour experience.

For all day vaping or special occasions, you will discover why Element keeps winning awards. Quality ingredients lend confidence to this exceptional and satisfying fruit-based bakery eliquid. Try it now:

  • Dripperrange in 10ml, at 0, 3, or 6mg – [link]
  • Shortfillrange in 50ml (adding 1x 10ml 20mg nicotine shot makes it 3mg in strength) – [link]
  • Traditionalrange in 10ml, at 0, 3, 6, 12, or 18mg – [link]


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