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Chief of Vapes Sweets Range


Chief of Vapes are a British e-liquid manufacturer who are beginning to make quite a storm in the vaping industry due to their superb tasting juice. Despite being a relatively young company, Chief of Vapes are quickly growing in stature, no doubt partially due to their sensational Sweets Range.


Personally, I am a huge fan of sweet, candy based e-liquid. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and probably always will. When I got the opportunity to try this range I was intrigued and excited as there were a number of flavours that caught my attention. The Chief of Vapes Sweets range includes 5 candy based e-liquids. I shall do my best to explain how each one tasted and give an honest verdict.


Let’s start with Strawberry Sherbet. This was probably the flavour that enticed me the most purely based off its name. Strawberry Sherbet certainly didn’t disappoint in regards to taste. On inhale you are greeted by a plume of ripe strawberries. On exhale, cool sugary undertones soothe your taste-buds. Fizzy sherbet undertones top off this vape and make it incredibly refreshing. Strawberry Sherbet is a delightful experience and the definition of an all-day-vape.


Next up and continuing with the sherbet theme is Lemon Sherbet. Now, Lemon Sherbet is quite a popular e-liquid flavour and is one that I have tried many times before (some good, some bad). Chief of Vapes’ Lemon Sherbet was a delicious experience and was incredibly sweet and tangy. This e-liquid provides an explosion of citrus in your mouth, before being topped off by a sizzling sherbet sensation.


Foam Banana is the third of the big Chief’s flavours. I must say, I was touch and go with this flavour before trying it. Foam bananas were never my favourite sweet and I much preferred their fizzier counterparts. That being said, I was willing to give this flavour a real go as it sounded different to any other e-liquid I had tasted before. Foam Banana features rich and creamy undertones and is topped off by a delicious candy banana taste. I was pleasantly surprised with this flavour, probably because of the fact I had such low expectations. It's not my favourite flavour ever, but I can see why some people love it so much.


Our fourth flavour in this range is Pear Drops, which of course tastes like the classic sweetshop sweets. Half banana, half pear, this e-liquid is a marvellous candy treat. I am a fan of pear drop flavoured e-liquid in general but this one was one of the best I’ve tasted. It provided me with dense, creamy clouds packed with mouth-watering tang. Pear Drops holds its own in this delicious range of e-liquid.


Last and certainly not least in the Chief of Vapes Sweets Range we have Fireball, which is an e-liquid that pays homage to classic American Atomic Fireball sweets. This flavour certainly isn’t for the fainthearted and features a fiery cinnamon blast. Fireball is a must try for anyone who loves cinnamon flavours.


So there you have it, the five flavours in the Chief of Vapes Sweets Range. All five flavours are available now as a 50ml shortfill and also as nicotine salts.


To view the full range as 50ml shortfills CLICK HERE.

To view the full range as 10ml nicotine salts CLICK HERE.

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