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Classic House E-Liquid Range - Flavour Review


Classic House is our latest range of e-liquid and features 10 unique shortfills aimed to cater for all taste-buds. Due to the success of our Tobacco House range, which features 5 unique tobacco flavoured e-liquids, we decided to branch out and create ‘Classic House’. Classic House strays away from its compatriot’s tobacco flavoured roots and includes a variety of fruit and menthol flavours. No matter what your desired taste may be, we believe that there will be at least one flavour in Classic House that you will love.


Personally, my favourite flavour in Classic House is ‘Blueberry Coconut’. Blueberry Coconut features a unique yet delicious blend of fresh blueberries topped off with rich and creamy coconut undertones. This flavour features a burst of delightful blueberries on inhale. As you exhale, a charming coconut flavour takes over. Blueberry Coconut is a unique tasting e-liquid that is truly stunning and distinctive.


Another stand out flavour in the Classic House range is ‘Fire & Ice’, which features a spectacular blend of two of our most popular original flavours; Hot Cinnamon Fireballs & Ice Menthol. Fire & Ice is a unique flavour which features a stark contrast between its inhale and exhale taste. When you first inhale Fire & Ice, you are greeted by an amazing sensation of scorching cinnamon fireball sweets. As you exhale, a blast of menthol ice takes over, leaving you feeling totally reinvigorated and satisfied.


Watermelon Strawberry Grape’ is a mouth-wateringly refreshing fruity vape that features a blend of fragrant fruits. Personally, I have found through my years of vaping experience that a fair share of mixed fruit e-liquids tend to be overpowered by one single fruit. Watermelon Strawberry Grape features three fruits (hence its name). The beauty of this flavour is that you can clearly taste all three fruits, it is a truly masterful blend. Refreshing slices of watermelon are evident when inhaling before the taste of ripe grapes take over on exhale. Beautiful undertones of succulent strawberry are evident throughout.


Lovers of menthol flavours should look no further than ‘Raspberry Tunes’. This stunning flavour features an uplifting blend of raspberries, eucalyptus and aniseed, replicating the much loved Tunes flavour. ‘Blackcurrant Tunes’ is one of our most popular flavours, so we decided to launch a Raspberry flavoured counterpart and it tastes just as good as we imagined it to!


As well as the four mentioned flavours, Classic House features Banana Candy, Ice Mint, Spearmint, Parma Violet, Mint Chocolate and Blackcurrant Bubblegum. All Classic House flavours as well as Tobacco House flavours are currently available for just £9.99 or as part of our mix & match 2 For £15 deal.


To view the full Classic House range CLICK HERE.

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