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Cosmic Fog | A Household Name


Born in the heart of orange county California, Cosmic Fog have spent a number of years delivering exceptional quality E-Liquids to the vaping community. Despite their location, Cosmic Fog have become a household name in the E-Liquid market throughout the world, through their fantastic flavours.  Spending 7-10 months perfecting each profile, they thrive to offer an all day vape in each and every bottle they make.  It is through their dedication that they have continued to provide a world class flavour range.  Here at Go-liquid we have been big fans of Cosmic Fog for quite some time, Milk and Honey being one of my own personal favourites going way back to 2016.  So without further ado, let us take a trip through some of their amazing short-fill profiles.   




Shocker is a fruit taste journey that leaves you wanting more. Starting with a sweet and sharp Lemonade flavour that is heaped with fresh summer strawberries to give a light and sunshine filled flavour in your mouth.  It takes you away to a warm sunny day without a care in the world before shocking you with the fruit cocktail on the exhale.  Sharp citrus notes and a mix of tropical fruits take over leaving a slight tingle from the joust of fruits for supremacy. 


Brilliant on a summers day or a reminder of what is to come soon enough, Shocker delivers in a big way. 


Milk and Honey


Imagine yourself with a thick milky base with notes of marshmallow sweetness perking you up.  A smooth inhale full of a light and yet satisfying milky notes flooding your taste buds with a sense of calm and tranquillity.  Letting yourself get taken away before notes of honey wake you up with sharp and powerful deliverance that rises up through the creamy base. Blending together while you exhale with a wonderfully delicious taste that leaves you wanting more. 


A flavour that has been championed by even the experts since 2014, Milk and Honey is a flavour that been a best seller for a long time now and it is not hard to see why. 




A reminder of your childhood with a combination of a tropical island, Chewberry takes you onto a journey and puts a smile on your face. Offering a lovely pink bubblegum flavour on the inhale, it is a gentle reminder of days of old with a 10p mix and finding a bubblegum at the bottom of the bag.  It is sweet and light enough to keep you vaping more and more.  The exhale delivers a fantastic fruit filled experience that overwhelms the sweet taste buds and compliments the inhale perfectly.  Notes of passion fruit and strawberry balance the bubblegum perfectly to leave you enjoying every moment from the first inhale to the last exhale. 


Chewberry is everything you could want from a sweet vape and certainly one that is very moreish.


Chill’d Tobacco


Taking what we all know and turning it into something delightful, Chill’d Tobacco delivers a world class tobacco vape with a unique twist that makes it such a famous flavour.  A light and mild tobacco made from the worlds finest mild tobacco leaves offers a small reminder of things that have passed.  Hints of mint compliment the tobacco to really give a fresh and sweet inhale. On the exhale, the flavour comes alive and delivers a strong and powerful punch of peppermint and menthol to overwhelm the senses and deliver a refreshing and cool vape.  Little notes of chocolate finish the profile that delivers tobacco in such a unique way, it will refresh you and satisfy at the same time.


Chill’d tobacco provides a cool and satisfying vape that can certainly satisfy even the newest of vaper.








A flavour that combines both the sweet and ripe of melon and compliments it with a profile that will leave you begging for another vape. The inhale delivers a sweet and crisp melon that comes through just like a candy that packs a real fruit punch. Sweet notes balance with the melon flavour to make it a juicy and satisfying inhale.  The exhale packs the ripe and fruity melon with a cool menthol that both refreshes and delivers a sweet and enjoyable vape.  Kryptonite then finishes your experience with light florally notes and to give a unique melon experience like no other.


A clever twist on a fruity melon, Kryptonite could well be your weakness to an all day vape.




An explosion of fruits that takes you to a desert island, Sonrise is akin to watching the waves lap the shore in a far away place.  A mix of pineapple and passion fruit fills your senses with juicy and sweet fruits overloading your taste buds as you feel the warm breeze shake the palm trees behind you.  Thick and flavourful, the sweetness satisfies and the intensity of the tropical flavours offers a mind blowing experience like no other.  The exhale delivers a tart and sour kiwi that balances the profile into a tropical cocktail that makes you wish you were watching the world pass you buy without a care in the world. 


Sonrise is the perfect tropical flavour that will bring the warm sandy beaches to you. 




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