Double Drip Nic Salts Flavour Showcase


Double Drip Coil Sauce is a range of e-liquid produced by British company Vapouriz. Since the company’s establishment in 2011, Vapouriz have continued to grow in popularity due to their various ranges of sensational e-liquid. Double Drip is their most popular range and features a collection of delightful fruity flavours.


The latest addition to the Double Drip range is the Nic Salt range, which features a catalogue of nicotine salt based e-liquid. Nicotine salts allow you to vape a higher strength of nicotine than traditional freebase nicotine, without the harsh throat hit.


Double Drip e-liquid is often associated with being strong, bold tasting and fruity. Known best for their range of shortfills, it’s fair to say that Double Drip’s Nic Salts lives up to their already high standards.


Crystal Mist is one of the most iconic Double Drip flavours and features a delicious blend of nectarous fruits with a hint of icy menthol. Crystal Mist will submerge your senses. On inhale you are met by a concoction of freshly picked cherries and luscious blue raspberries that are sure to make anyone’s mouth water. As you exhale, a charming and energising menthol breeze soothes your senses. Crystal Mist is a truly outstanding Nic Salt flavour and is a must try for fruity menthol lovers.


Another gorgeous icy flavour in the Double Drip Nic Salt range is Mango Raspberry Ice Cream. Just like Crystal Mist, Mango Raspberry Ice Cream features an enchanting raspberry taste on inhale, this time however, the raspberries are accompanied by undertones of juicy mangoes. These two delicious fruits work in perfect cohesion and the vape is topped off by a decadent creamy base. The ice cream flavour completes this sensational e-liquid and makes it truly indulgent. Mango Raspberry Ice Cream is a must try.


Cherry Bakewell is an example of how to do a dessert flavour right. Double Drip have nailed the balance of freshly picked cherries and unmistakable fluffy sponge cake. This e-liquid is the definition of an all day vape and tastes just as good as a slice of the dessert itself! Cherry Bakewell is a totally satisfying, sugary vape that packs a serious punch to your taste buds.


Finally, we have Super Berry Sherbet. This e-liquid features a concoction of seven different ripely picked berries, all smashed together and topped off by a layer of irresistible sweet, sugary sherbet. Super Berry Sherbet is bursting with zesty deliciousness and is the ultimate vape for anyone with a sweet tooth.


We are currently stocking all four previously mentioned flavours in our store alongside Raspberry Sherbet, Menthol Mist andLemon Sherbet.All seven flavours are available in both 10mg and 20mg and are currently part of our 3 for £10 mix and match offer.


To view the full range of Double Drip Nic Salts CLICK HERE.

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