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E-Liquid Review - Apple Berry Crumble by IVG


IVG are a British based e-liquid manufacturer who are known best for producing fruity and fizzy tasting flavours. IVG were formed in 2016 in the United Kingdom and since then they have risen to global prominence. Today, they are sold in over 100 different countries across 6 different continents, making them a gargantuan force within the vaping industry.


Today, we are going to be showcasing one of IVG’s best flavours, however, there’s a twist. As previously stated, IVG are best known for producing sweet tasting e-liquid. Today’s showcased flavour is a dessert flavoured treat that is sure to swoon any vaper’s taste-buds. IVG's dessert flavours tend to be incredibly underrated in comparison to their most popular sweet flavours.


Apple Berry Crumble is this week’s flavour that we shall be focusing on. This decadent dessert flavoured vape is without a doubt one of IVG’s most unique e-liquids and features the classic British dessert taste. Apple Berry Crumble perfectly combines the irresistible taste of crisp, rich apples and scrumptious blackberries with ludicrous pastry undertones and a whisper of custard.


One of the most impressive qualities of Apple Berry Crumble is the fact that IVG have remained quite conservative with the flavour’s sugar content. Whilst still managing to achieve great taste, Apple Berry Crumble doesn’t obliterate your coil, which is sometimes a common characteristic of dessert flavoured e-liquid.


Apple Berry Crumble still offers the classic sweet IVG taste, but with a dessert flavoured twist. This flavour is a refreshing change from IVG’s candy flavours and is without a doubt one of the best pudding flavours available on the market in 2020.


If you happen to be a fan of IVG’s e-liquid and you haven’t given Apple Berry Crumble a try yet, we certainly recommend that you do. This flavour is without a doubt one of the stand out candidates for their best.


You can pick up Apple Berry Crumble as a 10ml 50/50 e-liquid for £3.99 or as part of our 4 For £12 mix and match offer. You can also pick it up as a nicotine salts e-liquid as part of our 3 For £10 offer.

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