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Element Emulsion Key Lime Cookie - Flavour Review


Element E-Liquid are probably the most recognisable brand of e-liquid in the world. Since the company’s introduction in 2014, they have continued to grow in stature and they are now regarded as one of the world’s premium vape brands. Element have a variety of ranges in their arsenal designed to suit all palettes.


One of Element’s most iconic ranges of e-liquid is their Emulsions range, which features a collection of their most popular flavours mixed together. Emulsions typically features two original Element flavours mixed in to one bottle. This range features some of Element’s most popular concoctions such as Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry. Today, we are going to be looking at one of the stand out flavours in this range that doesn’t seem to get as much credit as it deserves.


Key Lime Cookie + Frost features two flavours, Key Lime Cookie and Frost (hence the name). This flavour is a testimony to the fact that Element can produce outlandish, original flavours with great taste. It is a truly unique e-liquid that features two completely contrasting tastes which ironically work together brilliantly.


On inhale you are greeted by a breeze of zesty Florida limes. Buttery cookie undertones are evident throughout which surprisingly compliment the lime taste. On exhale you are greeted by an icy blast of menthol. This complex vape is living proof that contrasting flavours work together.


The crisp icy hit at the end of Key Lime Cookie + Frost makes this flavour incredibly satisfying and tops off the decadent taste of lime cookies. Key Lime Cookie + Frost is available as a a 10ml e-liquid and as a 50ml shortfill. If you’re looking for a fresh tasting unique flavour and you haven’t tried Key Lime Cookie + Frost yet, then we highly recommend that you give it a shot as it is truly sensational.


To view Key Lime Cookie + Frost as a 10ml e-liquid CLICK HERE

To view Key Lime Cookie + Frost as a 50ml Shortfill CLICK HERE

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