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Element Fresh Squeeze - The Ultimate Orange Vape Flavour


What makes Fresh Squeeze taste so good?

When it comes to vaping, nothing can beat a good orange flavour. If you could perfectly replicate the taste of a fresh glass of ice cold Tropicana in the form of e-liquid, it’d be a revelation. Thankfully for us vapers, that’s exactly what Element have done with ‘Fresh Squeeze’. If you’ve been lucky enough to taste it for yourself, you’ll know just why Fresh Squeeze has long been one of the Florida based company’s most popular flavours.


Element have a competitive edge over their rivals: they use natural flavourings in their e-liquid. This allows them to achieve a totally authentic taste and has been a key staple to their success. Element are a titan of the vaping world and have been around since 2014. Masterfully crafting each blend with meticulous care and attention, Element are perfectionists in every aspect. Their pristine e-liquid is the absolute pinnacle of vape juice and is a must experience for anyone who hasn’t yet tried it.


How would you describe the taste of Fresh Squeeze?

When first inhaling Fresh Squeeze, your taste-buds are rocked by the classic flavour of freshly pressed oranges. This sweet and tangy citrus blend is truly heavenly and is the definition of an all day vape. Fresh Squeeze isn’t too overpowering yet still manages to deliver an authentic tasting orange flavour. If orange flavoured e-liquid is your thing, we highly recommend that you give this wonderful concoction a chance: you won’t be disappointed.


Fresh Squeeze has long been one of our best selling Element e-liquids here at Go-Liquid. You can find it as a 50 or 100ml shortfill, a 10ml e-liquid or as a 10ml nicotine salts e-liquid. Other than the 10ml nicotine salts bottle, Fresh Squeeze comes at a blend of 80% VG, meaning the liquid is thick: for dense, flavoursome clouds. Why not give Fresh Squeeze a try? It might just be your new favourite flavour!


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