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Element Subzero Review


The Element Subzero Range features three brand new icy flavours that are sure to send a shiver down your spine. Although Element are based in sunny South Florida, this range of flavours are packed with a frosty punch.


Element are one of the most popular e-liquid brands across the world and have been a pioneer of the vaping market since their establishment in 2014. Known especially for their incredibly successful dripper range, Element have decided to launch their latest collection known as Subzero which consists of three chilling flavours.


Mango Passion is a stand out flavour in this range. Personally, I am a huge fan of mango based e-liquid so I couldn’t wait to try this flavour due to my positive experience with other Element juices. Mango Passion certainly delivered, on inhale you are met with an exotic blend of juicy, ripe melon and enticing passion fruit. Your taste buds are then soothed with a delightful menthol breeze that isn’t too overpowering. Mango Passion is a clear demonstration of Element’s ability to blend flavourings in an e-liquid with perfection.


Next up in this superb range is Strawberry Guava, which offers you a sweet tart flavour amongst fresh strawberries and juicy guava. This flavour is then topped off by an icy blast. Again, Strawberry Guava is a phenomenal e-liquid and is the true definition of an all-day-vape. As a fan of fruity e-liquids I was incredibly excited to try Strawberry Guava and rightly so; this is a stunning flavour.


Last and certainly not least, to make up this magnificent trio of flavours is Tropical. Tropical consists of a complex blend of mouth watering fruits including mango, pineapple and banana. Again, this flavour is served over ice and offers you that menthol chill on exhale. Element have nailed the perfect amount of menthol in each e-liquid, meaning it is evident when vaping but it doesn’t totally overpower the fruity flavours.


Review –

Mango Passion – 9.5/10

Strawberry Guava – 9.5/10

Tropical – 9/10


The Element Subzero Range is available in both 10ml nicotine salts and 50ml shortfills. We’re stocking both variations in our store now.

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