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Flavour of the Week - Blue Raspberry by IVG


IVG’s Blue Raspberry is this week’s Flavour of the Week. This delicious slushie flavoured e-liquid has long been one of IVG’s most popular flavours and it’s only fair to give it the recognition that it deserves.


IVG are a British e-liquid manufacturer who have been present in the vaping industry since 2016. You can now find their e-liquids in over 100 countries worldwide and they are regarded as one of the world’s most popular premium vaping brands.


Typically, IVG’s most successful flavours tend to be fruity and fizzy candy based vapes. Blue Raspberry features the classic taste of strong and sharp blue raspberry on inhale and is a truly refreshing flavour. Blue Raspberry is fruity and nectarous and boasts a mouth-watering tarty taste. The tang of blue raspberry is paired with an icy finish, which gives this e-liquid a blue slushie taste.


There is an abundance of blue raspberry flavour e-liquids on the market at the moment as it is one of the most popular e-liquid flavours in 2020. Personally, I would vouch for IVG’s Blue Raspberry as being the best that I have tasted. IVG are masters of fruity flavours and this incredible e-liquid is without a doubt one of the most mouth-watering flavours within their arsenal.


Blue Raspberry is the definition of an all-day-vape. It simply never gets boring and it will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet-toothed vapers. If you’re thinking about trying a new fruity flavour, then look no further than Blue Raspberry. IVG have nailed the classic Slush Puppy taste with this flavour and have produced a truly delightful e-liquid.


You can find Blue Raspberry on our site now as a 50ml shortfill as part of our 3 For £35 offer which includes all of our premium brands such as IVG, Riot Squad and ELiquid France. Blue Raspberry is also available as part of our 4 For £12 10ml e-liquid offer and as part of our 3 For £10 nic salts offer.


To view Blue Raspberry now, scroll down and see the ‘Related Products’ section of this page.

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