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Flavour of the Week - Bubblegum Grenade by Riot Squad - Punk Grenade


Riot Squad are a British e-liquid manufacturer who have been making substantial waves in the vaping market in recent years. When it comes to e-liquid, Riot Squad certainly aren’t afraid of releasing bold flavours. In recent years we have seen Riot Squad release a collection of brave and courageous flavours such as Ultra Peach Tea and Iron Bruise.


One of Riot Squad’s most impressive e-liquid flavours of all time is Pink Grenade, which features a taste of strawberry lemonade. Pink Grenade was in fact so popular, that Riot Squad decided to dedicate a whole range of e-liquid to it. Since Riot Squad have released their Punk Grenade range, it has achieved a tonne of acclaim and has even won awards.


Luckily enough, I have tried all six flavours within the Punk Grenade range. It’s fair to say that all six are delicious but there are a couple that really stand out to me. One of the best flavours within this range is without doubt Bubblegum Grenade.


Bubblegum Grenade is a perfect example of exactly how a candy based e-liquid should taste. Sweet, sugary and stimulating, this flavour is a treat to your taste buds and is without doubt the best bubble-gum flavoured e-liquid I have ever tasted.


On your first inhale, you are greeted by that classic bubble-gum taste. Your very first breath of this e-liquid will be incredibly sweet and sharp. The delicious bubble-gum is complimented by sugary hints of banana and strawberry. Bubblegum Grenade is then topped off with an impossibly refreshing lemonade flavour. The tangy lemonade works incredibly well with the other flavours and completes this sensational layered vape.


Bubblegum Grenade tastes absolutely superb and is without doubt one of my favourite e-liquids in Riot Squad’s whole arsenal. I love the fact that you can clearly taste each element with in this e-liquid.


I highly recommend that you try Bubblegum Grenade by Riot Squad. It is available as a 50ml shortfill on our site now for just £13.99. If you’d like to purchase Bubblegum Grenade, CLICK HERE.

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