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Flavour of the Week - Butter 04 by Supergood


This week’s Flavour of the Week is a beautiful dessert flavoured blend courtesy of British company ‘Supergood’, who’s e-liquid you can now find at Go-Liquid!


Supergood are a well-established vaping company who pride themselves on originality and creating exceptional, premium quality e-liquid. Supergood’s ‘Butter’ Range features this week’s Flavour of the Week. This range is composed of six melt-in-your-mouth dessert flavoured blends that each boast their own unique taste.


This week, the flavour that we are focusing on goes by the name of ‘Butter 04’. Butter 04 is undoubtedly one of the standout flavours within this range of e-liquid. Boasting truly indulgent characteristics, this flavour is the perfect after dinner vape juice.


Butter 04 features three main taste characteristics each satisfying enough to flavour an e-liquid on their own! This fulfilling flavour is a demonstration of Supergood’s ability to create the perfect dessert e-liquid.


When you first inhale Butter 04, your taste-buds are greeted by the unmissable taste of fresh gelato ice cream. Things then take an interesting turn, when the taste of fruity American cereal begins to take over. As you exhale, Butter 04 is topped off by a mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked, crumbled chocolate cookie.


Butter 04 is a great example of a dessert based e-liquid that utilises a variety of different flavours perfectly. Each element in this e-liquid works perfectly in cohesion with each other. Supergood may only be a relatively young company in the vaping industry, however, flavours like this are a huge contributing factor to their increasing popularity.


If you happen to be a fan of chocolate or cereal flavoured e-liquid, Butter 04 is certainly worth a try. The chocolate chip cookie on exhale is incredibly prominent and tops of this flavour perfectly.


Butter 04 truly is a sensational dessert flavoured blend. You can purchase it now as a 50ml shortfill for £13.99 or as part of our 3 For £35 mix and match offer. Scroll down to the ‘Related Products’ section of this page to view it in our store.

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