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Flavour of the Week - Element Honey Roasted Tobacco


Although they hail from sunny South Florida, Element E-Liquid are known across the globe. If you’ve been lucky enough to try their fantastic juice, it’ll be no surprise to you as to why they are so popular. Element provide their customers with top quality e-liquid that tends to taste absolutely spot on. Our Flavour of the Week for this week is no exception; Element’s Honey Roasted Tobacco.


Honey Roasted Tobacco is an award-winning flavour which consists of a succulent blend of the finest tobacco draped in scrumptious sticky caramel and smooth vanilla. This superb flavour delivers a delicious blend of full-bodied tobacco with a delightful, persuasive twist to totally satisfy your taste-buds. A flawlessly balanced vape, Honey Roasted Tobacco is a clear demonstration that Element are masters of blending exquisite tasting e-liquid.


Element have been frontrunners of the global vape market since their establishment in 2014 and their Tobacconist Range, which features a range of Tobacco based flavours (hence the name), is now seen as a staple of their incredible array of products. Element have perfectly captured the classic tobacco aura in this fantastic e-liquid, however the added twist of smooth honey and vanilla flavourings makes it an incredibly smooth and subtle vape.


If you’re a fan of tobacco based e-liquid, Honey Roasted Tobacco is an absolute must try for you. Tasting like no other tobacco flavoured e-liquid, its unique flavouring separates it from an incredibly oversaturated market of average tobacco based vapes. For this reason it is our flavour of the week.


Honey Roasted Tobacco is available in a 50ml shortfill. At a VG% of 80, it is ideal for Sub Ohm devices and is a great example of a succulent shortfill that wont ruin your coil. If you prefer thinner e-liquid don’t worry, Honey Roasted Tobacco is available in 50/50 VG% in 10ml bottles.


Honey Roasted Tobacco is also available in Element’s NS20 Nicotine Salt Range if you’re looking for a higher nicotine strength without the harsh throat hit, so there’s really no excuse not to try this e-liquid! Not to worry, if tobacco based flavours aren’t for you, Element have a superb range of other flavours from fruit to dessert based e-liquid. We have a wide range in our store.

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