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Flavour of the Week - Limon Watermelon Chill by Element E-Liquid


Element E-Liquid are one of the world’s leading vaping brands. The Florida based company are known best for their iconic packaging, their clever marketing and most importantly, their mouth-watering e-liquid.


This week, our showcased flavour is ‘Limon Watermelon Chill’, which you can find within Element’s hugely popular ‘Emulsions’ range. Element’s Emulsions range features a selection of their most popular flavours fused together as delicious, intricate blends. The Emulsions range has been around for a couple of years now and is one of Element’s staple ranges, as well as one of our best selling lines of e-liquid here at Go-Liquid.


Limon Watermelon Chill mixes two of Element’s most delectable flavours together and is a ridiculously refreshing, fruity vape. Limon Watemelon Chill features Element’s ‘Limon’ flavour as well as one of their cult classics: ‘Watermelon Chill’.


Limon’s zesty citrus infusion boasts silky characteristics. On inhale, a burst of sour lemon meets sweet lime offering you a truly irresistible revitalising hit. Watermelon Chill then takes over and soothes your palate, combining the taste of juicy watermelon slices with a dash of fresh mint on exhale.


This scrumptious flavour features an eruption of juicy taste and is a must try for lovers of fruity e-liquid. Limon Watermelon Chill is the definition of an all day vape; it simply gets better with each hit you take. According to Element themselves, Limon Watermelon Chill is an “explosion of crisp blends”. Sweet-toothed vapers really ought to experience this flavour and should put Element’s statement to the test.


Element’s Limon Watermelon Chill is also incredibly preservative of coil life as it features a low concentration of sugar. The cool hit on exhale really tops of this flavour making it truly refreshing. Through the use of natural flavourings, Element have once again created an irresistible fruit flavoured blend. There’s a reason why Limon Watermelon Chill is our Flavour of the Week; it’s outrageously tasty.


You can purchase Element’s Limon Watermelon Chill now as a 10ml e-liquid at 50% VG/PG, making it perfect for small, pod or pen devices. It is also available as a 50ml or 100ml shortfill at 70%VG. If you vape using a sub-ohm device, we recommend vaping 70% VG e-liquid. Scroll down to the ‘Related Products’ section of this page to purchase Limon Watermelon Chill in our store.

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