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Flavour of the Week - Pomegranate by Element E-Liquid


Our Flavour of the Week this week is produced by Element E-Liquid, who are without a doubt the best-selling brand here at Go-Liquid. Element are one of the world’s most recognisable vaping brands due to their clean packaging, delicious flavours and ever changing ranges of e-liquid.


Despite constantly evolving their catalogue of flavours and producing new e-liquid consistently, Element’s most popular flavours tend to be in their Traditional Range, which features a collection of simple yet effective flavours.


Today, we are looking at a unique yet delicious flavour made by Element known as ‘Pomegranate’, which features a sweet and enchanting fruity flavour. Pomegranate is the perfect e-liquid for lovers of the superfood and tastes almost as good as pomegranate seeds themselves!


For those of you who have never tried pomegranate seeds before, the best way to describe them is similar to cherries and cranberries with a tarty taste. Element’s Pomegranate includes natural flavourings and perfectly encapsulates the classic, mouth-watering pomegranate taste.


Element’s Pomegranate features a harmonious blend of fresh and natural flavours. On exhale, the wonderful addition of cranberry makes this flavour even more irresistible. For some reason, Pomegranate is one of Element’s less popular flavours which amazes me after experiencing its lusciousness first hand.


It goes without saying that Element’s flavours are up there with the best in the world. Their most popular e-liquid tends to feature simple yet effective flavours and Pomegranate is no outlier. This delectable flavour which features creamy yet subtle undertones is in my opinion one of Element’s best flavours of all time. Pomegranate is without a doubt one of Element’s most unappreciated flavours and it tastes like no other e-liquid I have tasted before.


You can find Pomegranate in both Element’s Traditional range of e-liquid and their Dripper range, meaning no matter what kind of device you have, you can vape Pomegranate.


To view Pomegranate as a 50ml Shortfill CLICK HERE.

To view Pomegranate as a 10ml e-liquid CLICK HERE.

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