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Flavour Of The Week - Ultra Peach Tea by Riot Squad


Todays Flavour of the Week is a stunning new shortfill produced by none other than Riot Squad E-Liquid. Riot Squad are a bold British e-liquid manufacturer who are known for their recognisable brand image and powerful flavours.


The latest instalment to their strong line up of shortfills is the Black Edition range, which features 4 flavours each with their own icy twist. These flavours respectively, are Ultra Peach Tea, Signature Orange, Rich Black Grape and Pure Frozen Acai. We are a huge fan of this range, and Rich Black Grape has already been named one of our Flavours of the Week in 2020, but we decided this week that we also needed to pay our respects to Ultra Peach Tea, which is a truly phenomenal flavour.


As self-explanatory as its name is, Ultra Peach Tea isn’t just a peach tea flavoured vape. In fact, it features a much more sophisticated base to it. This e-liquid has clearly been tried and tested by Riot Squad as its elements seem to blend perfectly and work in cohesion to avoid overpowering each other.


Ultra Peach Tea provides you with the taste of strong, pungent and ripe peaches on inhale. Peach flavoured vapes are often regarded as underwhelming as they fail to produce a strong flavour. Ultra Peach tea is quite the opposite. After the sensational peachy flavour on inhale, your taste buds are soothed by a delightful menthol breeze on exhale making this e-liquid incredibly satisfying. Perhaps the most impressive element of this e-liquid is the fact that the icy breeze seems to be perfectly balanced alongside the peach flavouring, making it not too overwhelming.


When vaping this flavour, a sweet tea tasting undertone is evident throughout. Again, this taste is not too overpowering and mostly allows the ripe peach flavour to do the talking. Ultra Peach Tea is a must try for anyone looking to discover a new all day vape.


Ultra Peach Tea is available as a 50ml shortfill at 70% VG. We highly recommend this flavour to anyone with an inkling towards icy, refreshing flavoured e-liquid as it is truly revitalising. You can find Ultra Peach Tea in our store now amongst Riot Squad’s full Black Edition range, their original shortfill range and their Hybrid Salts range.

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