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Flavour of the Week - Watermelon Chill by Element E-Liquid


Introducing our latest Flavour of the Week. This week we have a classic flavour produced by none other than Element E-Liquid. Element are one of the world’s most respectable and recognisable vaping brands and are regarded by many across the globe as the pinnacle of e-liquid manufacturers.


Watermelon Chill is one of Element’s most popular flavours and is part of their original range of e-liquid. In today’s market, there is an abundance of watermelon based e-liquid. Personally, as some one who has tried many of these flavours, I would still vouch for Watermelon Chill as being the best tasting watermelon flavour on the market.


Watermelon Chill features a sensational blend of juicy, ripe watermelon slices topped off with a cool menthol breeze. When you first inhale this e-liquid, you are greeted by the delightfully refreshing taste of freshly chopped watermelon. The iconic taste of summer will ease your senses on inhale, providing your taste buds with the satisfaction of sweet and crispy notes.


On exhale, your taste buds are treated to a sensual blast of cool ice. The stunning sub-zero blast compliments the enchanting fruit perfectly and completes this flavour, making it an incredibly satisfying vaping experience for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Element are masters of creating simple yet effective flavours, and Watermelon Chill is a testimony to this. If you enjoy fruity flavours, you should definitely try Watermelon Chill as it is a sugary, syrupy, menthol delight. Despite only having two prominent features (the menthol and the watermelon), this flavour is incredibly smooth and flavoursome.


The beauty of Watermelon Chill is that it comes in a variety of different formats. You can pick it up as a 10ml bottle in our store at either 50% or 80% VG depending on your personal preference. Watermelon Chill is also available on our site as a 50ml shortfill and as a bottle of 10ml nicotine salts.


If you’re looking to push the boat out a little bit, Watermelon Chill is also available as part of Element's Emulsion range, which fuses together a variety of their most popular flavours. In this range, you can find Strawberry Whip Watermelon Chill, and Limon Watermelon Chill, so if you're looking for a more layered vape, don't worry!


There’s a reason why Watermelon Chill is our Flavour of the Week; it’s truly delicious. This flavour is the definition of an ‘all day vape’, it simply never gets boring. To view Watermelon Chill in our store, scroll down and see the ‘Related Products’ section of this page.

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