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Flavour of the Week - Zen By Element


This week, we have a stunning flavour of the week courtesy of none other than Element E-Liquid. Element are perhaps the most recognisable e-liquid brand in the world and you’ll find their juice pretty much everywhere. The Florida based company are known for their slick packaging which pays homage to the periodic table and their stunning flavours. Element use only natural flavourings in their e-liquid, meaning it tastes organic and delicious.


Element are known for some iconic flavours. Their 555 Tobacco is regarded as one of the most popular tobacco flavours in the world, however it is fruity flavours where Element really claim their crown. It doesn’t get much more iconic than Fresh Squeeze, which is a delicious tangy orange e-liquid. Watermelon Chill is stunning too; a refreshing minty melon vape that is sure to make your mouth water. Our flavour of the week this week however, isn't one of Element's iconic flavours. Infact it's a flavour in Element’s original range that seems to go slightly under the radar. Today, the flavour that we are going to focus on is known as ‘Zen’.


The word Zen in English is often related to meditation and a state of wellbeing. Zen is designed by Element to provide a ‘state of relaxation’ and when tasting the vigorous fruity undertones in this e-liquid, it’s no surprise as to why. Zen features a stress relieving fusion of lychee, guava and sweet peach on inhale. On exhale, you are met with a softening blow of delicious passionflower. Zen is an incredibly fitting name for this e-liquid as it is truly refreshing and invigorating.


Element have masterfully crafted a stunning e-liquid featuring a sensational blend of exotic flavourings. Zen is a criminally underrated flavour that provides a truly unique taste. This e-liquid is a must try for anyone who is a fan of exotic, fruity juices. Zen is part of Element’s original range of flavours, it is also available in their Dripper Range, which features e-liquid with 80% VG.


We would certainly recommend Zen to anyone looking to try a new, sweet-tasting e-liquid. Element are known for their ability to create superb juices with natural flavourings and after tasting Zen, it’s no wonder why. Head over to our store to check out Zen now. This e-liquid is available in both 50ml shortfills and 10ml 50/50 bottles.


Click HERE to try Zen in a Dripper Shortfill bottle.

Click HERE to try Zen in a 10ml 50/50 bottle.

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