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Flavour Review - IVG Riberry Lemonade


IVG are known best for producing beautiful, fruity tasting shortfills to satisfy those of you vapers who happen to be a sucker for anything sweet tasting. The UK based e-liquid manufacturer have been around since 2016 and are now one of the most popular e-liquid brands in the world. IVG have won countless awards for their innovative and unique flavours in the last couple of years. If you’ve been lucky enough to taste their e-liquid, then you'll certainly see why their e-liquid is so highly regarded.


Today, I shall be reviewing one of my favourite flavours by IVG known as Riberry Lemonade. Riberry Lemonade was released in 2019 as one of the brand's staple flavours in their Mixer Range, which includes five lemonade flavoured variants. Personally, I would argue that Riberry Lemonade one of the stand out e-liquids in this range, I'd even regard it as a candidate for the range's best flavour. It is the definition of an all day vape.


Riberry Lemonade features a stunning blend of crushed blackcurrants and wild berries dashed over an incredibly refreshing ice cold lemonade. The berries compliment this flavour incredibly and provide you with an all round delicious taste that is bound to remind you of Summer no matter the weather.


On inhale, your taste buds are greeted by the succulent taste of sensational blackcurrants and crisp wild berries. Perfectly chilled icy undertones are evident throughout, before the taste of fresh lemonade takes over on exhale. This zesty flavour is a must try for anyone who is a fan of deliciously refreshing juice flavoured vapes.


If I was to compare Riberry Lemonade to a drink, I would say that it reminds me of Ribena and Vimto. Riberry Lemonade is a delicious concoction that provides you with both dense clouds and immense flavour.


One of the best things about Riberry Lemonade is the fact that it manages to provide you with great taste with out burning out your coil. When vaping this flavour in an Aspire Cleito Pro tank at 60 watts, I managed to go through a full 50ml shortfill bottle without needing to replace my coil. Personally, I feel that coil longevity is one of the most important factors when reviewing an e-liquid. Riberry Lemonade passes this test as well as providing stunning flavour and a smooth hit.


Although Riberry Lemonade isn’t available as part of IVG’s 10ml 50/50 range, it is available as part of their nic salts catalogue, meaning you can witness the wonderful flavour even if you have a small pen shaped device that runs at a low wattage.


In conclusion, Riberry Lemonade is without doubt one of the best tasting flavours in IVG’s catalogue in my opinion. It provides you with a delicious, nectarous taste and is incredibly refreshing.


Riberry Lemonade is available in our store for just £13.99 or as part of our mix and match 3 For £35 deal, in which you can include other brands such as Riot Squad, Element and Space Jam.

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