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Flavour Review - IVG's Strawberry Sensation


IVG are one of our most popular brands here at Go-Liquid. The British based vaping company who were founded in 2016, are known best by vapers across the world for producing delicious tasting sweet flavours that often boast fruity tendencies. IVG offer a huge range of flavours to cater for all tastes, from succulent berry flavours to decadent dessert blends.


Today, we are going to be looking at one of IVG’s most underrated flavours of all time that for some reason or another, doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The flavour that we are talking about goes by the name of Strawberry Sensation and is a truly magnificent blend that seems to get better with each inhale.


Strawberry Sensation is a full bodied blend of ripe tasting strawberries and is topped off by mouth-watering undertones of sumptuous candy and a touch of mint on exhale. If strawberry flavours are your thing, you really ought to give this magnificent e-liquid a chance. IVG are no stranger to producing superb strawberry flavours, with their ‘Strawberry Millions’ blend being one of their most popular e-liquids of all time. Strawberry Sensation is similar in many ways, but switches out the taste of bubblegum undertones for decadent candy notes and a splash of mint.


If sweet tasting strawberry flavours entice you, then IVG’s Strawberry Sensation is a must try. This flavour is the definition of an all day vape and is a testimony to IVG’s ability to create a magnificent fruity flavour.


You can pick up Strawberry Sensation as either a 50ml shortfill, or as a 10ml e-liquid. IVG have long been one of our most popular brands, but for some reason, Strawberry Sensation just doesn’t get the love that it deserves! We highly recommend trying this sweet and smooth flavour if you’re looking to try out a new wonderful IVG flavour.


To purchase IVG’s Strawberry Sensation as a 50ml shortfill, click here.

To purchase IVG’s Strawberry Sensation as a 10ml 50/50 e-liquid, click here.

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