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Flavour Showcase - Lemon, Orange & Mandarin Fruizee by ELiquid France


E-Liquid France are based in the Nieul Sur Mer region of Western France. Known for their charming, unique tasting e-liquid, they are regarded as masters of blending together a collection of flavours in to a single bottle. E-Liquid France have their own distinct taste and their Fruizee Range is incredibly popular not only in France but across the globe.


The Fruizee range by E-Liquid France features a collection of fruit based e-liquid flavours each with a sublime menthol breeze on exhale. Today, we are going to be focusing on one of the outstanding flavours in this range known as ‘Lemon, Orange and Mandarin’. As you can probably guess by the name, this flavour is an energetic concoction of citrus fruits topped off by a cool, icy whisper.


When first inhaling this delicious flavour, you are greeted by a persuasive whisper of zesty lemons. E-Liquid France have perfectly recreated the taste of fresh Citron lemons. You can then feel the vibrant summer blood oranges take over from the lemon taste. Again, E-Liquid France have perfectly recreated the taste of a refreshing orange on a hot summer day.


When you vape this wonderful flavour, you can taste jammy undertones of stimulating mandarin throughout. The mandarin hint compliments its citrus companions perfectly and tops of this incredibly satisfying layered vape. Of course, it wouldn’t be part of the Fruizee range without a blast of menthol on exhale.


It is worth noting that the menthol is quite strong when vaping this flavour. So, if you happen not to be a fan of a refreshing icy breeze on exhale, you should probably stay away form this flavour and the whole of the Fruizee range! However, if you happen to be looking for a refreshing fruity menthol e-liquid, then give Lemon, Orange and Mandarin a try!


You can find this e-liquid as both a 50ml shortfill and as a 10ml bottle in our store now. Scroll down to find the linked products.

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