IVG Summer Blaze E-Liquid Review


Despite only being formed in 2016, IVG are without a doubt one of the most recognisable e-liquid brands in the world. Even in regards to the inchoate vaping industry, being formed in 2016 still makes you incredibly young. IVG are a British based company who now have head offices in Dubai, Colombia and New York, which conveys the success of the brand in recent years.


IVG are known best for producing fruity and fizzy flavours. Their e-liquid has a distinct sugary taste, which is probably why it is popular with so many sweet-toothed vapers across the world. Available in over 100 countries across 6 continents, IVG continues to grow as both a brand and a business.


Despite being best well known for their fruity flavours, IVG boast a variety of ranges of flavours such as their ‘After Dinner’ range, which features an assortment of dessert flavoured e-liquid, and their ‘Chew’ range, which features a collection of chewing gum flavoured e-liquid. Although their most iconic flavours tend to be fruity tasting, it goes without saying, that IVG are also capable of creating a wide variety of other delicious flavours. 


Today, we are going to be looking at one of IVG’s most iconic flavours of all time. The flavour that we are focusing on is Summer Blaze, which features a delicious blend of Sicilian lemonade amongst sweet orchard fruits such as blueberries, cherries and blackberries. It just so happens at the moment, that there is an abundance of lemonade based e-liquid on the market. Summer Blaze is without a doubt one of the best lemonade juices on the market.


On inhale, your taste buds are greeted by the wonderful taste of freshly picked syrupy cherries and luscious blackberries and bittersweet blueberries. As you begin to exhale, you begin to taste the delightfully refreshing taste of fresh, icy menthol. The stimulating menthol kick tops off this flavour, making it one of the most revitalising flavours in IVG’s incredible catalogue. Of course, Summer Blaze is topped off by the luscious taste of Sicilian Lemonade, which makes it a decadent layered vape flavour.


There’s a reason why Summer Blaze is one of IVG’s most popular flavours; it just so happens to be truly delicious. IVG have nailed the taste of summer with this outrageously satisfying flavour and it is without a doubt one of my favourite flavours that they have produced. Summer Blaze provides you with dense, flavoursome clouds and is a truly unique, charming flavour.


The best thing about Summer Blaze, is the fact that you can pick it up in a number of different variations. You can purchase Summer Blaze in our store now as a 50ml shortfill, a 10ml bottle or a 10ml nic salts bottle. So, no matter what kind of e-liquid you prefer in your device, IVG have got you covered. Scroll down and see the ‘Related Products’ section to view Summer Blaze in our store. Scroll down and view the 'Related Products' section of this page to purchase Summer Blaze.

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