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KOI By Element E-Liquid - Full Range Review


Despite being an American based brand, you can find Element E-Liquid all over the world. They boast a wide variety of e-liquid from a number of different ranges to cater for all taste buds. I have been a huge fan of Element for a long time and have tried practically all of their original flavours.


One of Element’s most intriguing ranges is their KOI range, which features a variety of traditional Japanese based flavours. The KOI range includes four unique flavours each with their own distinct taste. Today, I will be reviewing each flavour within this range and giving you my honest judgement.


Kicking off the range, we have Yuzu Lemon Meringue. This flavour is a zesty heaven and features a refreshing blend of ripe Yuzu lemons accompanied by decadent undertones of fluffy, sweet meringue. Yuzu Lemon Meringue is the ultimate savoury citrus vape. The sharp lemons are evident on inhale and the contrasting fragrant meringue works together in perfect cohesion. Yuzu Lemon Meringue is a delightful flavour.


Next up we have Sakuramochi. This flavour is an elegant ice cream based e-liquid. Calm notes of vanilla are evident throughout and are accompanied by soft, whipped Mochi ice cream draped over pungent black cherries. Sakuramochi is a truly divine flavour and is a must try for those of you who enjoy dessert based flavours. It is a perfect demonstration of Element’s ability to push the boat out in terms of creating a unique flavour whilst also achieving a heavenly taste.


Yatsuhashi is one that I couldn’t wait to try. It features a Japanese style rice pudding and is topped off by sugar, cream and bold cinnamon. Personally, I am a huge fan of cinnamon based e-liquid and for it to be topped off by a smooth rice pudding taste, it’s fair to say I was eager to try this flavour. Yatsuhashi certainly did not disappoint. Again, this is a truly unique tasting e-liquid and is one that I will be going back to. There’s something so satisfying about dessert flavours that leave you wanting more and Yatsuhashi is definitely one of them.


Last and certainly not least, we have Castella. Castella is a delicious savoury e-liquid that features a delicate yellow velvet sponge cake topped off with sweet, creamy vanilla. This flavour isn’t as sweet as its other compatriots but it definitely holds its own within this sensational range. If you enjoy cake based e-liquid then you should certainly give Castella a try as the creamy vanilla really perfectly compliments the flavour.


So there you have it, a full run down of the KOI range by Element. Now for the ratings.


Yuzu Lemon Meringue – 9/10

Sakuramochi – 9.5/10

Yatsuhashi – 9.5/10

Castella – 8.5/10


Of course, the ratings given are just my personal opinion and you may disagree! If you haven’t been lucky enough to try this range, each of the four flavours are available on our site now. Below, you will find a link to each flavour available as a 50ml shortfill.

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