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Our Picks in the 2 For £15 Shortfill Range


We currently stock a stunning range of shortfills available in our mix and match range at the price of 2 for £15. This offer is available on a number of premium brands such as Uncles, Yankee, Ohmsome and Absolution. In this blog post, we shall be looking at some of the stand out flavours from our range of over 100 shortfills available in the 2 for £15 deal.


Starting off with a delicious dessert based flavour, we have Sugar Cookie; a sensual savoury treat made by Yankee. Sugar Cookie features a scrumptious blend of cookie and biscuit with sensual undertones of vanilla and toffee. This one is a must try for dessert loving vapers as it is a truly divine and satisfying tasting vape.


Evil Drip are known for producing shortfills that are rich in taste and Forest Berries is no exception. This juicy vape features a blend of ripe forest berries on inhale. Cherries, raspberries and blackberries are evident throughout this vape before a hint of a menthol breeze relaxes your taste buds on exhale.


Carrying on with the sweet theme, Bubble Billy is a must try for any candy lovers out there. This sensational flavour features classic bubble-gum undertones with an added syrupy twist. Bubble Billy is a demonstration of Ohmsome’s ability to create consistently mouth-watering candy based vapes. This flavour is the definition of an all day vape.


Another stand out flavour available in the 2 for £15 deal is Lemon Fizz, which is a sensational lemonade based e-liquid by Zing. Lemon Fizz features a blend of fresh Sicilian Lemonade balanced out by a sugary fizz to provide you with an authentic tasting zesty vape.


Uncles boast an array of flavours to cater for all desired tastes. It was too hard to choose a single stand out flavour from their range, so I’ve had to go with two frontrunners. Caramel Swirls is one for the dessert lovers and features hints of creamy butterscotch alongside heavenly caramel and toffee candy.


If you’re not a fan of dessert flavoured e-liquid, do not fear. Uncles wield a variety of mouth-watering sweet based flavours in their arsenal with none better than Grape Bubblegum. This stunning flavour features rich tasting black grapes on inhale. On exhale your taste buds are smashed with a sweet, sticky tasting bubble gum flavour that tastes almost identical to the real deal.


Absolution have 19 flavours available in our range of 2 for £15 shortfills. One of the stand out frontrunners for best tasting e-liquid is certainly Peaches and Cream. This flavour tastes strikingly like the classic American dessert. The timeless combination of juicy peach slices topped off with fresh whipped cream never gets old.


Last and certainly not least we have Mutant Mango by Juice Monster. As you can probably guess by the name, this flavour is certainly one for the mango lovers. Featuring an exotic fruit blend, nectarous mango is evident throughout for a simple yet distinct tasting e-liquid.


There you have a run down of some of the best tasting e-liquid in the 2 for £15 range. There are a tonne of other flavours available as part of this deal. If you’d like to view the full range then CLICK HERE.

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