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Pineapple Bliss by Element E-Liquid - Flavour Review


Element E-Liquid are one of, if not the most recognisable e-liquid brands in the world. The Florida based company are incredibly easy to recognise due to their slick and creative packaging that pays homage to the periodic table. However, it’s not just Element’s packaging that sets them apart from the rest; their e-liquid tastes like the bomb too.


It goes without saying that most people who have been vaping for a while will at some point have come across Element E-Liquid. One of the most impressive things about the American company is the fact that they use only natural flavourings within their e-liquid. Unlike most companies who use artificial flavourings, Element decide to use only natural flavourings. Due to this, their e-liquid tastes authentic in an extremely saturated market.


Element have a number of different ranges including their most popular Traditional range, which features a collection of simple, yet timeless flavours. Their FAR range is dedicated to classic American flavours such as candy floss, slushies and candy. One e-liquid that stands out considerably within this range is none other than the decadent Pineapple Bliss.


Pineapple Bliss is the flavour that we shall be showcasing today. It features a delicious blend of invigorating ripe, tropical fruits. On inhale, your taste buds are kindly greeted by the sweet, smooth sensation of tangy pineapples. Sweet summer berries and tropical mangoes then take over, making this e-liquid incredibly satisfying.


It’s fair to say, that Pineapple Bliss is a perfect example of Element’s ability to create heavenly tasting sweet e-liquid using only natural flavourings. This flavour is living proof that you don’t need artificial flavourings to create a stunning, sweet flavoured e-liquid!


If you haven’t been lucky enough to try Pineapple Bliss yet, then we certainly recommend you give it a shot. Pineapple Bliss is available as a 10ml bottle in both 50 and 75 VG%. You can also find it as a 50ml shortfill on our site. Scroll down to purchase Pineapple Bliss.

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