Riot Squad 100% Menthol Range - E-Liquid Review


Riot Squad are back with their latest range of flavours: The 100% Menthol Range, which includes five flavours as both 50ml Shortfills and 10ml Hybrid Salts. The British company are known best for their unique and recognisable branding. But it’s not just Riot Squad’s branding that has helped catapult them to the top of the vaping industry, their e-liquid also so happens to be wonderful.


Riot Squad are without a doubt one of the world’s most famous e-liquid brands and they are regarded as a premium manufacturer of vape juice across the 6 different continents in which they are sold. Riot Squad continue to expand by consistently releasing successful new flavours. Their latest range of e-liquid known as the 100% Menthol Range is sure to be another hit. Featuring 5 simple yet unique flavours, this range focuses on pure icy flavours each with their own added twist. The 5 flavours are as follows:


Menthol Cherry is the first flavour on our list. Riot Squad are already well known for their classic cherry flavour ‘Cherry Fizzle’ which already sets the bar incredibly high. It’s safe to say, Menthol Cherry does not disappoint. On inhale, you are greeted by the taste of sweet, freshly picked summer cherries, before the spine-tingling taste of icy menthol takes over. Menthol Cherry reminds me slightly of Cherry Tunes flavoured e-liquid. Both elements of the flavour are clearly decipherable and this is without a doubt one of the best flavours within the range.


Next up we have Menthol Ice, which does exactly as it says on the tin really. Menthol Ice is a purely refreshing minty flavour. It is one of the most delightful menthol flavours that I have ever tasted and again is an example of Riot Squad’s ability to create a simple yet masterful e-liquid. Lovers of pure menthol should certainly consider this flavour.


Menthol Lemon Cucumber is next up on our list and is possibly the most refreshing and relaxing flavour in the new range. Menthol Lemon Cucumber features the taste of fresh, icy mint topped off by the revitalising taste of minty cucumber and zesty lemon. Vaping this flavour was my first experience of a cucumber based flavour and it’s fair to say that it didn’t leave me disappointed.


The penultimate flavour on our list is Menthol Tobacco, which features a blend of decadent tobacco amongst ice menthol. Menthol Tobacco features creamy tobacco undertones topped off with a delicious blast of ice menthol. Tobacco flavours are a thing of beauty when they are made right and Menthol Tobacco is a perfect demonstration of this.


Last and certainly not least, we have a ridiculously soothing flavour that goes by the name of Menthol Melon. This flavour features an irresistible blend of juicy honeydew melon and ripe blackcurrants topped off by an icy blast of fresh menthol. I would certainly regard this flavour as one of the stand out candidates for the best liquid in Riot Squad’s new range. It is truly delightful and is my personal favourite. Menthol Melon may just be my new favourite Riot Squad flavour!


So there you have it, the 5 new flavours available in Riot Squad’s 100% Menthol Range. Now for the honest verdict of each one:


Menthol Cherry – 9.5/10

Menthol Ice – 9/10

Menthol Lemon Cucumber 9.5/10

Menthol Tobacco – 8.5/10

Menthol Melon – 10/10


We have all of the new flavours available in our store now as both shortfills and Hybrid Salts. All orders are processed with Free UK First Class Royal Mail Delivery.


To view the Riot Squad 100% Menthol Shortfill Range CLICK HERE.

To view the Riot Squad 100% Menthol Hybrid Salts Range CLICK HERE.

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