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Riot Squad Black Edition Review


Today we will be reviewing Riot Squad’s new range of e-liquid known as ‘Black Edition’. Riot Squad’s Black Edition Range features four new flavours each with their own unique taste: Rich Black Grape, Pure Frozen Acai, Ultra Peach Tea & Signature Orange.


Riot Squad are a British company who were founded in 2016 in their own words to ‘secure mass disruption’. It’s fair to say that Riot Squad have achieved this as they are now one of the most recognisable e-liquid brands in the world and their e-liquids are available in 57 countries worldwide. Known for their bold packaging and intensely flavoured juices, Riot Squad embarked on a new journey in late 2019, producing their latest flavour of e-liquid; Black Edition.


First and foremost we shall start with Rich Black Grape. As a huge fan of grape flavoured e-liquid myself, I couldn’t wait to try Rich Black Grape when I heard it was part of Riot Squad’s new range. I can also safely say that I wasn’t disappointed with this juice in the slightest. On inhale you’re met with a truly divine and overpowering taste of the freshest blend of ripe grapes. On exhale your taste buds are soothed with a calming minty twang. This flavour is a heavenly treat and one to try for any grape lovers, truly one of the best e-liquids I have ever tasted.


Next up is Ultra Peach Tea. Personally, I tried this flavour without too much expectation. Peach flavoured e-liquid isn’t really my cup of tea, but I was pleasantly surprised by this juice. Ultra Pea Tea is fierce and satisfying. According to Riot Squad, peach tea is served best ‘on the rocks’. A cool breeze is evident on exhale making this e-liquid pleasant and revitalising. Although this flavour is refreshing and bold, I couldn’t personally see myself vaping it all day long. However, if you’re a fan of peach flavourings then I’d certainly recommend it.


Signature Orange is the third flavour in the Black Edition Range and according to Riot Squad themselves is a ‘citrusy mayhem’. I am a huge fan of orange flavoured e-liquid although they aren’t particularly popular in this industry in comparison to other fruit based flavours, so I was again incredibly excited to try this flavour. Signature Orange is a delightful e-liquid and features a blend of ripe tangerine oranges mixed together with a classic British jelly flavour. Together these flavours compliment each other and provide a charming e-liquid. This flavour is totally unique and unlike any other orange e-liquid I have tasted before.


The final flavour in this range is Pure Frozen Acai. I was unsure what to expect with this flavour if I’m totally honest, but Pure Frozen Acai provided another superb, unique vaping experience. Soothingly cool acai berries are smashed against a whisper of chilling koolada, providing you with a stupendously good vape. Pure Frozen Acai is one to try if you’re a menthol lover looking for something unique. Another gorgeous flavour from Riot Squad to round up this impressive range.




  • Rich Black Grape – 10/10
  • Ultra Peach Tea – 8/10
  • Signature Orange – 9.5/10
  • Pure Frozen Acai – 9/10


If you’re looking for a new flavour of e-liquid then I would highly recommend any one of these flavours dependant on your personal flavour preference. The most impressive characteristic of Riot Squad’s Black Edition range is the quality of the e-liquid itself. It seems to provide you with a smooth, calming sensation on your throat and you can really taste the quality of the flavourings. Riot Squad have delivered once again with this superb range.


Black Edition is available now on our site in 50ml shortfills with a VG/PG percentage of 70/30 making it perfect for Sub-Ohm devices. Feel free to ask us any further questions about this range by e-mailing us: .


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