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Riot Squad Shortfills


In just three years, Riot Squad have risen to prominence in the E-Liquid market due to their explosive flavours and innovative marketing techniques. The bold UK based company boasts a passionate cult like following; not only in Britain, but now in 56 countries across the world. Riot Squad’s poignant notion to ‘stand up, be counted and never back down’ is reflected through the brand’s riveting flavours and unique packaging.


New to our store is the Riot Squad 50ml Shortfill range, which contains an array of 9 unique, mouth-watering flavours. As demonstrated by this sensational range, it is no surprise that Riot Squad continue to grow in stature within the world wide e-liquid market.


Perhaps the most astonishing flavour in this range is Tropical Fury, which captivates the perfect blend of sweet and sour. With a ripe inhale of tropical pineapple and syrupy mango combined with a frosty citrus kick, this 70% VG e-liquid is a wonderful example of Riot Squad’s bold and abrasive style. Tropical Fury is so strong and potent that it leaves you feeling as if you were eating ripe fruit on a warm summer day.


Just as the name implies, Grapple and Slapcurrant is another demonstration of Riot Squad’s ability to shatter your senses through divine flavour. Expect powerful zest in this liquid, as a crisp apple inhale is quickly submerged by a commanding aftertaste of ripe blackcurrant.


Smashed Apple Pie caters for vapers who have a desire towards more savoury, dessert flavour e-liquids. Inspired by the classic dessert, Riot Squad have nailed the rich and buttery pastry undertone. Accompanied by a crisp, sweet apple taste and a smooth custard aftertaste, this flavour is one to get your taste buds tingling. Similarly, Strawberry Scream provides a smooth sugary sensation. However, this flavour is somewhat light and elegant; by Riot Squad’s standards anyway.


If menthol flavours are your thing, then Menthol Molotov is certainly the one for you. Featuring a medley of tropical fruits on inhale and an icy blast on exhale, this flavour exhibits an impeccable blend of both flavour and a refreshing after bite. The closest companion to Menthol Molotov is undoubtedly Sub-Lime; a blend of forest and citrus fruits combining to create a zesty base. Again, Riot Squad have genuinely nailed a perfect balance of flavour for this e-liquid.


Cola Cooler is both sweet and minty. As explained by the name, this flavour entwines the classic fizzy Cola flavour with a menthol breeze, combining to make a smooth taste with an unorthodox twist. Iron Bruise pays homage to Scotland’s favourite soft beverage. The unmistakable orange flavour is impetuous when inhaling this e-liquid. Complimented by a zesty bite and a blend of carbonated soda, Iron Bruise provides you with a unique vaping experience.


Last and certainly not least in this staggering range is Pink Grenade. This e-liquid perfectly combines sweet and sour tastes for a summery vibe. With a ripe taste of strawberry and a zingy lemon, citrus exhale, Pink Grenade will give you that feel good summer vibe all year long.


Riot Squad 50ml Shortfill liquids are a perfect demonstration of both quality and quantity. With 9 liquids in this heavy-hitting range, it’s fair to say that there’s certainly something to pleasure any vaper’s taste buds.

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