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The 3 Best Flavours in Element's Dripper Range


Element are one of the most recognisable companies in the vaping industry and seem to have been around since forever. The Florida based company are known for producing consistently high quality e-liquid using only natural flavourings. Their original range of e-liquid features some of the most iconic flavours in the world including Fresh Squeeze, Honey Roasted Tobacco and Watermelon Chill.


As well as their original range, which comes at 50% VG, Element also their very own Dripper range. Element’s Dripper range is suited best to sub-ohm devices and consists of 80% VG, meaning the liquid is thicker and produces denser clouds.


The Element Dripper range is truly sensational and features a collection of Element’s most popular flavours. Today, we shall be looking at some of the stand out flavours within the Dripper range and focusing on what makes them so great.


Where else to start other than Fresh Squeeze? This flavour is the ultimate orange vape and is the definition of a citrusy delight. Orange flavoured e-liquid doesn’t tend to be too popular in comparison to its other fruity compatriots, but Fresh Squeeze is one of Element’s most iconic flavours.


Fresh Squeeze features a blend of ripe oranges and mandarins and tastes almost as if you were drinking a glass of ice cold juice first thing in the morning. Fresh Squeeze from the Dripper range tastes even better than the classic 50/50 variant. You are greeted with ripe oranges on inhale and the thick nature of the e-liquid itself provides you with incredibly dense, flavoursome clouds.


Another stand out flavour within the Dripper range is Strawberry Whip. Again, the thick nature of the e-liquid really compliments this flavour as your taste buds are soothed by a creamy strawberry & vanilla tart based milkshake. Strawberry Whip features a decadent blend of luscious berries and cream and is a truly irresistible shortcake flavoured e-liquid.


Frost is in my opinion one of the best menthol e-liquids ever. This flavour is a mildly sweet and incredibly satisfying icy flavour that is even better at 80% VG. Your taste buds are shattered by an ice cold influx of menthol magic on inhale. On exhale, you are greeted by a thick, plume of icy smoke. Frost is simply stunning at 80% VG.


There are a whole range of classic Element flavours available at 80% VG as part of their Dripper range. Here we have only looked at a few, but there are a catalogue of unique tasting flavours live on our site now. All flavours in this range are available as part of our 4 for £12 10ml mix and match deal, meaning you can try a few for yourself before deciding your favourite flavour! Head over to our store to check the full range out now.

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