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The 4 Tastiest Doozy Vape Co Flavours


Doozy Vape Co. are an e-liquid manufacturer from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Since their establishment in 2014, Doozy have continued to grow and expand their catalogue of flavours and they now boast a vast array of e-liquid in their arsenal. Doozy are best known for their shortfill range and fortunately for myself I’ve been lucky to try an assortment of their flavours, so in this article I’ll be highlighting which exceptional flavours stood out to me the most.


It goes without saying that Doozy e-liquids are known for often being sweet and sugary in taste; Verylicious is a demonstration of this. A sensational blend of juicy Green Apples mixed with Wild Berries and a sugary hint of Bubblegum, this e-liquid is a forerunner for one of Doozy’s most impressive flavours. In the words of Doozy themselves: “It will leave you wondering how we put this one together” and if I’m totally honest I completely agree with them. Verylicious is a demonstration of how to perfectly blend a combination of contrasting flavours to create an awesome concoction. This e-liquid is a must try for anyone with a sweet-tooth.


Another stand out Doozy flavour is Nektar. Personally, I am a huge fan of anything mango flavoured: especially e-liquid. Nektar perfectly encapsulates the taste of sweet, nectary mango and fuses it with a combination of juicy red apples. The best way to describe the taste of this e-liquid is to compare it to J2O’s Apple and Mango drink. Nektar is a smooth, satisfying vape and is certainly a flavour that I could see myself happily vaping all day, every day.


So far, we’ve showcased two fruity flavours. If they aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Next up we have Dream Shake, which is a truly divine dessert based e-liquid. I’m usually hesitant to try dessert flavours as I’m a sucker for sweet, candy flavours, but Dream Shake certainly delivered. This flavour combines a rich Chocolate Milkshake with a smooth Whipped Cream finish. At first, a sugary cookie flavour is evident, followed by a rich chocolate milkshake before being topped of with light cream for a satisfying complex vape.


Last but certainly not least we have Blizzard. As hinted in the name, Blizzard features an ice cold chill and is a cunning menthol flavoured e-liquid characterised by a concoction of fresh grapes and summer berries. Blizzard in my opinion, is potentially Doozy’s best flavour. On inhale your taste buds are met by a combination of bittersweet grapes and juicy berries before a soothing menthol breeze takes over. This e-liquid tastes exactly how a menthol flavour should.


In conclusion, Doozy Vape Co. have delivered a splendid range of shortfill flavours. Amongst the four mentioned flavours, Lime Jelly Beans and Liquid Gold also stand out to me as great tasting e-liquids. Doozy juices are available on our site now, coming in the form of 50ml shortfills at a VG/PG percentage of 70/30%, meaning they are ideal for Sub-Ohm vaping devices. Doozy shortfills come at 0mg nicotine strength costing £13.99 with an optional nicotine shot. All Doozy shortfills are also available as part of our 3 for £35 mix and match deal.

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