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The 5 Best Element E-Liquid Flavours


Element E-Liquid are without a doubt our most popular brand and are a staple supplier of the e-liquid we stock here at Go-Liquid. The Florida based company are incredibly easily to recognise due to their periodic table style packaging and are known best for creating a variety of delicious flavours.


Element boast a huge collection of flavours, we stock over 170 different 10ml bottles and 58 different shortfills from their catalogue! Today however, I shall be giving you the run down of their 5 best flavours that I’ve been enjoying at the moment. Of course, like any review, this is just my personal opinion, so I’d suggest you try out the range for yourself to form your own judgement.


5 – Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry – Element Emulsions Range


Kicking off our list at number five, we have a classic flavour from Element’s Emulsions range. The Emulsions range features a collection of their most popular flavours blended in to one bottle. This range includes popular flavours such as Strawberry Whip + Banana, and Keylime Cookie + Frost, however it’s Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry that takes our crown as being the most delightful today.


Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry features a blend of contrasting fruits in order to create a truly irresistible bittersweet vaping experience. Bold notes of pink grapefruit are evident on inhale, before sweet notes of freshly picked summer blueberries take over. A slight creamy undertone tops off this vape making it truly enticing. Despite being known predominantly for creating simple yet effective flavours, Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry demonstrates Element’s ability to construct divine complex flavours.


4 – Honey Roasted Tobacco – Element Tobacconist Range


Element have a history of producing successful tobacco flavours, none more so than Honey Roasted Tobacco. This celestial flavour perfectly balances earthy tobacco undertones with sweet and nutty hints of caramel and honey, making it a truly sensational balanced vape.


Element’s Tobacconist range is one of their most popular lines of e-liquid and its fair to say they are masters of creating tobacco based flavours. In regards to Honey Roasted Tobacco, this self indulgent e-liquid will really soothe your senses. Featuring a full bodied blend of tobacco draped in nutty caramel and hints of smooth vanilla, this flavour is sure to leave you totally satisfied and just wanting more. Honey Roasted Tobacco is a dream flavour for tobacco e-liquid lovers.


3 – Watermelon Chill – Element Traditional Range


The first flavour on our list from Element’s Traditional range of e-liquid, Watermelon Chill is a truly refreshing fruity treat with a hint of menthol. Element’s Traditional range is their most popular range of e-liquid and features a variety of simple yet effective flavours. The flavours that you’ll find in this range are all popular in their own right and Watermelon Chill just so happens to offer a vibrantly juicy experience.


On inhale, you are greeted by the refreshing sweetness of fresh watermelon slices. A hint of mint is evident throughout which makes watermelon chill the perfect remedy to beat the heat. Watermelon Chill is utterly relaxing and is one of my personal favourite flavours of all time. Personally, although I happen to be a fan of menthol e-liquid, I find it rather frustrating when the menthol can be too overpowering. This is not the case with Watermelon Chill, as the hint of mint compliments the flavour’s vivid watermelon taste perfectly.


2 – Neon Red Slushie – Element FAR Range


Element’s FAR range pays homage to the classic tastes of America. In this range, you’ll find a variety of marshmallow, candy and cupcake based flavours, however, the stand out flavour is in my opinion without a doubt Neon Red Slushie. Similarly to Watermelon Chill, Neon Red Slushie is a ridiculously good breezy, ice tasting e-liquid.


Neon Red Slushie consists of a captivating blend of red berries. On inhale, your taste buds are greeted by the uplifting taste of juicy red cherries, velvety strawberries and pungent raspberries. The outrageously celestial blend of red berries is then topped off by a whisper of ice, making Neon Red Slushie another incredibly compelling flavour. You can also find its counterpart in the FAR range; Neon Green Slushie, which features a blend of invigorating neon limes instead of red berries.


1 – Fresh Squeeze – Element Traditional Range


Taking the crown in our list today, we have a god-tier flavour that you can find in Element’s Traditional range of e-liquid. Fresh Squeeze is an orange flavoured e-liquid designed specifically to refresh your palette. It’s fair to say it does exactly what it says on the tin. Orange flavours generally don’t tend to be successful within the e-liquid industry, with tropical fruits and berries tending to be more popular. Fresh Squeeze happens to be an exception, this delicious flavour is one of Element’s staple flavours and is without a doubt one of their best.


In my opinion, Fresh Squeeze is without a doubt the best flavour within Element’s whole range of e-liquid. Fresh Squeeze replicates the taste of a fresh glass of orange juice, offering you a tangy citrus experience. This sweet and piquant e-liquid is totally revitalising and is the definition of an all-day-vape. Fresh Squeeze simply never gets boring and is without a doubt the best orange flavoured e-liquid on the market.


So there you have it, the top five Element E-Liquid flavours of 2020. With some newer flavours and some classic flavours, this list features a variety of different flavours to cater for all desired tastes.


All five flavours as well as a tonne of other Element E-Liquids are available now in our store. Scroll down and see the ‘Related Products’ section to view these five flavours on our site.


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