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The 5 Best Nicotine Salts Flavours Of 2020


Nic Salts are a variation of nicotine that are becoming increasingly popular in e-liquid as they allow you to use a higher strength than freebase nicotine, without the harsh throat hit. Nic Salts often allow the user to vape strengths of 10 or 20mg nicotine in devices that previously would only have allowed for 3 to 6mg. This makes them incredibly useful for people who are looking to quit smoking as it allows them to deliver a higher strength of nicotine through vaping than previously possible.


Today, we shall be looking at 5 of the best nic salt flavours currently on the market in 2020. Of course, just like any flavour review, this is based completely on my personal opinion.



  1. Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry by Element E-Liquid– It should come as no surprise to that we’ve kicked off our list with a flavour provided by Element. The masters of production, this flavour is part of their ‘Emulsions’ range, which features an array of their most popular flavours blended in to one bottle. The two flavours in this liquid of course, are Pink Grapefruit and Blueberry.


It’s hard to decipher the reason why this e-liquid tastes so good, but I think the fact that the two fruits are so contrasting in flavour certainly helps. On inhale you are met by a sharp, bitter grapefruit, before sweet blueberry notes sooth your taste buds on exhale. Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry is a delightful creation made by Element.



  1. Blue Burst by Riot Squad – At number four, we have Blue Burst which is a palette shattering menthol e-liquid produced by Riot Squad. This superb flavour features an ice cold blue raspberry slush with truly mouth-watering zest.


Riot Squad have a reputation for creating e-liquid packed with flavour and this e-liquid is certainly no exception. Although there seems to be an array of blue raspberry flavoured e-liquid on the market, Blue Burst is undoubtedly the best one I have ever tasted. This e-liquid is incredibly strong in taste and is one of Riot Squad’s most impressive flavours. If you enjoy flavours with a menthol breeze, then you should certainly try out Blue Burst.



  1. Fresh Mango by IVG – Personally I am a huge fan of mango e-liquid when it is made right. IVG have nailed the taste perfectly with fresh mango and created a divine nectarous e-liquid packed with flavour.


Fresh Mango features an elixir of soft tropical mango fruit and is topped off with soothing citrus notes to create a pleasant, refreshing vape. IVG are best known for their fruity, fizzy tasting e-liquid and Fresh Mango demonstrates exactly why. The only qualm with this e-liquid is the fact that you can’t get it as part of IVG’s 50/50 range!


Fruity e-liquid fans, we insist that you give Fresh Mango a taste as it is a stunningly refreshing vape. IVG are growing in stature year upon year and with flavours tasting like this, it is no surprise as to why.



  1. Relax by E-Liquid France – Based in the Nieul-Sur-Mer region of France, E-Liquid France boast an arsenal of unique tasting flavours, often featuring a complex blend of ingredients in a single e-liquid. Relax features four different flavours blended together to create an insane savoury tasting vape. These flavours are Tobacco, Coffee, Cookies and Vanilla. Admittedly, you wouldn’t be crazy to be off put by those flavourings mixed together, but after tasting this e-liquid I can safely say it is truly stunning.


Relax tastes like no other e-liquid I have tasted before and is truly unique in the British market. It is a satisfying yet flavoursome dessert tasting vape and provides you with a rich, creamy tasting experience. E-Liquid France have their own style of e-liquid and Relax best describes it.



  1. Fresh Squeeze by Element E-Liquid – Who else but Element to top off our list of best tasting nic salts? Fresh Squeeze is a classic flavour and one of Element’s most iconic tasting e-liquids. If you’re unfamiliar with Fresh Squeeze, it features a tangy citrus blend of juicy oranges and mandarins.


Element use only natural flavourings, which is evident when vaping Fresh Squeeze as it tastes truly organic and pungent. On inhale, your taste buds are met by a delightfully vibrant citrus blend before a cool breeze overtakes on exhale. Fresh Squeeze is the definition of an all-day-vape and in my opinion is a truly sensational tasting e-liquid. Personally, I would say that it is the best tasting nic salt by a country mile.



We have a range of nic salts available on our site including these five flavours. If you’d like to check them out in more detail then head over to our store. We have a range of salts available at 5, 10 and 20mg of nicotine. All five flavours are linked below:


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