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The 7 Best IVG Flavours of All Time


IVG are best known for their fruity flavoured e-liquid. The UK based company has undoubtedly taken the global vaping market by storm since their establishment in 2016. IVG e-liquid is now available in over 100 countries and 6 continents across the world and if you’ve tasted their e-liquid, the chances are you’ll understand why. Today, we are going to take a look at 7 of their best flavours.


IVG are incredibly popular in both the UK and across the world. Their shortfill and 50/50 ranges include some iconic flavours and today I shall be ranking the seven best IVG flavours of all time. Of course, this list is completely subjective, but as someone who has tried pretty much all of the flavours in their range, I shall give you my honest judgement.


7 – Raspberry Stix – Kicking us off at number seven is Raspberry Stix. Raspberry Stix delves away from the classic fizzy IVG taste and provides you with flavour rich in creamy undertones.


Delicious raspberry candy is evident throughout amongst a heavenly creamy candy blend. The best way to describe this e-liquid is raspberry pencil sweets. It is refreshing to taste a candy based e-liquid with creamy undertones. Raspberry Stix is a unique yet succulent tasting vape.


6 – Kiwi Cool – Kiwi Cool is an invigorating flavour and deserves its place on our list due to its unique, vibrant nature. This mellow flavour features an invigorating blend of kiwi, sour lemon, and sweet citrus all topped off by a charming menthol breeze. Kiwi Cool is a soft, zesty flavour and is one of IVG’s stand out e-liquids. This flavour doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves, so here it is.


5 – Bubblegum Millions– Bubblegum Millions is an iconic flavour and is part of IVG’s Select range (once known as IVG Sweets). The Select range features a catalogue of candy based flavours and Bubblegum Millions is certainly one of the stand out flavours.


Bubblegum Millions features a delightful sugary taste throughout and is an incredibly tasty e-liquid. Slight blueberry undertones are evident when vaping this flavour and a sweet, chewy candy taste tops off the e-liquid to provide you with a nostalgic bubblegum flavour. Bubblegum Millions is a vibrant e-liquid and best describes the typical IVG taste.


4 – Blackberg – At number four, we have Blackberg which is a sensational menthol based e-liquid. This flavour features an incredibly strong icy breeze throughout and is a must try for menthol fans. Quick disclaimer: if you don’t like menthol e-liquid, avoid Blackberg.


On inhale you are met by an energetic blend of bubbly blueberries and bold blackcurrants. A fruity taste is evident throughout this vape, however, it is engulfed on exhale by a sub-zero menthol blast that freezes your taste buds. Blackberg is a delightful flavour and certainly a must try for anyone who enjoys the strong taste of menthol. This one isn't for the faint hearted.


3 – Jam Roly Poly – Making it in to our top three is Jam Roly Poly. Personally, I find dessert based e-liquid tends to be quite hit and miss. Some are great, but I generally tend to stick to either fruit or candy flavoured e-liquid as the chances are that I'll love them. Jam Roly Poly is one of the few exceptions of dessert flavours that I can vouch for.


The classic dessert tastes just as good as an IVG e-liquid as it did back in the day when you used to get it at school! A sweet and sticky strawberry jam taste is evident throughout, with a divine doughy undertone topping off this flavour to make it truly irresistible. Jam Roly Poly also boasts a slight custardy scent, which makes this e-liquid truly mouth-watering. Jam Roly Poly is a must try for all the dessert loving vapers out there.


2 – Summer Blaze – Summer Blaze is potentially IVG’s most iconic flavour. The chances are, if you’ve tried a couple of IVG flavours, you’ve probably tasted the godliness that is Summer Blaze. It’s one of those e-liquids that you have to try for yourself as words just don’t do it justice, but I’m going to try to describe it as best as I can anyway.


Summer Blaze features a blend of freshly squeezed Sicilian Lemons carefully knitted together with sweet orchard fruits. Tantalising undertones of blueberries, cherries and blackberries are evident throughout, before a gentle icy breeze tops off Summer Blaze’s flavour. Summer Blaze is an incredibly delicate and thoughtful flavour. IVG have clearly spent a lot of time mastering the blend within Summer Blaze, as its flavours seem to intertwine effortlessly. I’ve tried my best to explain the vibrant concoction that is Summer Blaze, but you really need to try it for yourself.


1 – Blackcurrant Millions– Swooping in and stealing our number one spot from Summer Blaze is Blackcurrant Millions. I was umming and ahing about crowning Summer Blaze the best flavour, but the sheer delightfulness of Blackcurrant Millions meant that there could only be one winner.


Blackcurrant Millions is probably my most vaped flavour of all time. It is simple yet delicious and its taste never gets old. This flavour is the definition of an all-day-vape and is truly sensational. I could comfortably say that if I could only ever vape one e-liquid flavour for the rest of my life, I would choose Blackcurrant Millions in a heart beat.


In regards to taste, Blackcurrant Millions features similar undertones to its compatriot Bubblegum Millions. A chewy candy taste is evident throughout which soothes your taste buds with euphoria, however, it is the fresh and ripe blackcurrant taste that tops off this vape and makes it so satisfying.


I don’t really know why this is the case, but the blackcurrant and chewy candy undertones seem to work together like a dream. This stupendous partnership works in cooperation and delivers a stunning taste like no other e-liquid I have tried. Believe me, try Blackcurrant Millions, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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