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The Aspire Mulus Pod Kit


The Mulus is a wonderful pod kit created by Chinese manufacturers Aspire. As described by Aspire themselves, the Mulus is a ‘perpetual innovation’ that snuggly fits in the palm of your hand. The Mulus boasts stylish and eye catching characteristics despite being a rugged pod system that is built to last. This superb pod kit is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a portable piece of kit to carry lightly.


The Mulus exceeds expectations and features a single 18650 battery built to provide an excellent battery life. Depending on your preferred style of vaping, you can tailor the wattage on the Mulus’ battery from anything between 1 to 80 watts. Featuring a USB C port, the Mulus is easy to charge through a cable and offers fast and safe charging flexibility.


The Aspire Mulus features a specially designed removable pod system which allows the user to simply remove the tank and replace it without any hassle. The Slot & Slide system allows user to easily remove their tank and replace it if they wish to and allows for a change in coil for a change in performance style. The Mulus also features a Nautilus coil adapter meaning you can switch between Tigon or Nautilus coils depending on your preference.


The tank is easily refillable meaning liquid is not spilled when inserting more and with a pod capacity of 2ml, you won’t be filling your tank up every time you’ve had 5 puffs! A safe and magnetic design holds together this superb piece of kit and ensures that the device remains secure. With three output modes (Wattage, Voltage and Bypass), the Mulus can be tailored to run however you want.


If you’re looking for a new pod kit that offers dense clouds and tasty flavour amongst a great battery life then the Aspire Mulus is the one for you. We’re stocking this kit in our store so head over and check it out while you can.

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