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The Best 5 Dinner Lady Shortfill E-Liquid Flavours of 2020


Dinner Lady are a British based e-liquid company who have gained incredible popularity since their foundation in 2016. The British brand have expanded exponentially since their establishment due to their divine flavours and recognisable packaging. Known best for their popular dessert flavours such as Lemon Tart and Blackberry Crumble, Dinner Lady are e-liquid connoisseurs of the highest quality. The Lancashire based brand have been awarded for their hard work, with their e-liquid now being sold in over 100 different countries across the globe.


Today, we are going to be focusing on Dinner Lady’s shortfill range, which includes a variety of mouth-watering flavours at 70% VG, making them perfect for powerful sub-ohm devices. There are a variety of delicious flavours within the 50ml shortfill range, but we’re going to be whittling it down to our favourite 5.


5 – Strawberry Bikini


Kicking off the proceedings, we have Strawberry Bikini, which is an intensely fruity flavoured shortfill. Strawberry Bikini is one of Dinner Lady’s most popular flavours and features the taste of freshly picked ripe strawberries washed down with soothing cloudy lemonade and topped off by a blast of icy koolada. It’d be fair to say that Strawberry Bikini is a perfect summer e-liquid. Lovers of iced fruits need to try this ridiculously satisfying flavour!


4 – Tropical Fruits


Next on our list, we have another gorgeous summer e-liquid. Tropical Fruits features an exotic blend of nectarous fruits. On inhale, your taste-buds are greeted by the spine-tingling taste of ripe pineapple. Creamy, soothing undertones are evident when vaping this flavour, before the taste of nectarous guava takes over. Again, this flavour is a demonstration of Dinner Lady’s ability to curate the perfect sweet flavour.


3 – Lemon Tart


This list wouldn’t be complete without Dinner Lady’s most popular flavour of all time. Lemon Tart is a ridiculously divine, zesty dessert flavoured vape that will make your taste-buds tingle! This flavour has long been a staple of Dinner Lady’s brand image and is arguably the most famous dessert flavoured e-liquid in Britain. Lemon Tart features the taste of tangy lemon topped off with creamy meringue and rich pastry-like undertones. Dessert lovers, try this flavour: you won’t be disappointed!


2 – Sun Tan Mango


Just like Strawberry Bikini, Sun Tan Mango is an intense iced fruit flavour. Of course, the clue is in the name, Sun Tan Mango features a blend of ripe and delightful mango topped off by a blast of frozen ice. This flavour is without a doubt one of the best mango e-liquids I have ever tasted. The popularity of mango e-liquid increases year-upon-year and its fair to say that there’s an abundance of mango flavours on the market right now. Sun Tan Mango is up there with the best and is a must try for lovers of the pungent fruit.


1 – Apple Sours


Topping off our list, we have an irresistible candy based vape. Apple Sours features the irresistible taste of sweet and sour candy that is sure to make your taste-buds tingle. On inhale, you are greeted by crisp notes of ripe, fresh tasting apples. Tangy bursts of fizzy sherbet are evident on exhale. Apple Sours is without a doubt one of the best candy flavoured e-liquids on the market. This tangy delight is sure to make your mouth water. If you happen to be a fan of sweet e-liquid, then look no further than this nectarous delight. The fizzy element of Apple Sours takes it to another level: it’s truly unmatchable.


You can find all five flavours in our store now. Each 50ml shortfill is available for £13.99 each, or as part of our 3 For £35 mix and match offer, which includes all of our premium brands such as Element, IVG and Riot Squad. Scroll down to view each shortfill in the ‘Related Products’ section.

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