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The Best IVG Salts Flavours


IVG are a British e-liquid manufacturer who are known best for producing delicious fruity flavours. Since their establishment in 2016, IVG have consistently produced innovative and intriguing flavours. IVG are now sold in over 60 countries across the world and are one of the most recognisable brands of e-liquid in the world.


IVG’s Salts range features a collection of nicotine salt based e-liquid that is perfect for vapers who have a low power device. Nicotine salts allow you to vape a higher strength of nicotine compared to traditional freebase nicotine without the harsh throat hit. Nicotine salts are perfect for people looking to replicate the sensation of smoking in order to curb their habit.


Today, I will be showcasing my favourite three flavours within the IVG Salts range. Of course, this is my personal opinion. I have been lucky enough to try almost all of IVG’s e-liquid whether it be part of their 50/50 range, their shortfill range or even their nic salts range.


Kicking off our list, we have no other than Riberry Lemonade, which is a delicious blackcurrant lemonade. Tasting as refreshing as the classic British drinks Ribena and Vimto, Riberry Lemonade features a blend of crushed blackcurrants and wild berries paired with stimulating lemonade.


This e-liquid is incredibly satisfying and is without doubt one of the best flavours within IVG’s Salts range. If you happen to be a fan of lemonade based e-liquid then look no further than this delightful juice. Paired with the nicotine salts, this e-liquid is bound to provide you with a smooth throat hit that will leave you totally satisfied.


Next up, we have the mouth-watering Rainbow Blast. This e-liquid is a menthol frenzy with a complex blend of summer fruits and candy. Sweet, tropical tart undertones are evident when vaping this gorgeous e-liquid and are accompanied by hints of ripe strawberry and nectarous mango.


On exhale your taste buds are rocked by a sub-zero blast of cool menthol. Again, this e-liquid tastes incredible with nicotine salts and is incredibly soothing. Lovers of menthol e-liquid; look no further than the fruity mayhem of Rainbow Blast.


Last but certainly not least, we have Cinnamon Blaze, which is a fiery blend of sweet and spicy cinnamon. This e-liquid is a testimony to IVG’s ability to blend multiple elements in to a single e-liquid effortlessly. The combination of sweet and spicy cinnamon is blended perfectly and Cinnamon Blaze is a deliciously fierce e-liquid.


Cinnamon flavours are arguably the Marmite of e-liquid; you either love them or hate them. Personally, I love cinnamon flavoured e-liquid and I have tried my fair share of them. Cinnamon Blaze is without doubt one of the best tasting cinnamon e-liquids I have ever tasted.


So there you have it, my favourite three IVG Salts flavours. Of course, there are a whole bunch of flavours available to try that I haven’t mentioned in this blog post.


To view the full range of IVG Salts CLICK HERE.

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