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The Innokin Podin Mini Mod Pod


The Podin is an impressive new mini mod pod created by one of the leading brands in the e-cigarette manufacturing market: Innokin. This stunning piece of kit is incredibly small yet deceivingly powerful and features ultra-fast auto draw and button activated vaping. Innokin are known across the globe and are regarded as one of the most prestigious e-cigarette brands. Since their establishment in 2011, the Chinese company has risen to prominence and their products are now sold worldwide in over 10,000 different stores.


Despite being a tiny mod pod, the Innokin Podin features variable wattage. By long pressing the fire button, the Podin’s power can be boosted from 8 to 9 watts in order to increase heat and release more mouth-watering flavour.


One of the biggest draws to the Podin is the fact that its pods are both reusable and refillable. Unlike most mod pods, the coils in the pod are easily replaceable, meaning you can easily unscrew it and place a fresh coil in without having to buy a new pod. An easy to fill system also allows for you to fill the 2ml pod with any e-liquid you desire without great hassle.


The Innokin Podin features a sensational 800mAh battery and is charged through a Micro USB port. Featuring a full range of integrated safety protections, a Tri-LED Battery level indicator clearly shows you the remaining battery capacity.


Elegance and the Innokin Podin go hand in hand. This charming device may only be small, but it certainly packs a punch. Available in 6 unique colours, the Podin features stylish attributes and comes with a Micro USB Lanyard that allows you to carry your kit around your neck with ease.


The Innokin Podin is now live on our site. If you’re looking for a convenient, subtle and reliable device then we highly recommend this product for you. The Podin is a beautiful creation and another demonstration of Innokin’s ability to produce a high quality piece of kit.

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