The Tobacco House Shortfill Range


Tobacco House is our very own range of tobacco based e-liquids. This sensational range includes 5 unique tobacco flavours made by ourselves. As fans of tobacco based e-liquids ourselves, we found that there is a lack of premium e-liquid on the market. Therefore, we decided to launch our own range ‘Tobacco House’, using only premium flavourings and ingredients.


The Tobacco House range features 50ml shortfills in 5 different cunning flavours each with their own unique, delicious twist. If you’re a fan of tobacco based e-liquids then we highly recommend that you try at least one flavour in this sensational range. You won’t be disappointed.


Signature Blend is our flagship blend, you simply will not find a tobacco based e-liquid that tastes anything like it on the market; nor will you find it reproduced. This scrumptious e-liquid features a dark oak based tobacco amongst a secret added extra, providing you with a rich, creamy tasting vape. Signature Blend is totally satisfying and a flavour that we highly recommend.


If you’re a fan of menthol based flavours, then Tobacco Breeze is the one for you. Featuring a delicious blend of American tobacco, this flavour is balanced with a menthol breeze for an incredibly refreshing cool throat hit.


Absolute Tobacco offers you that traditional tobacco flavour. This flavour provides you with a full bodied tobacco experience rich in flavour. Absolute tobacco is the closest you’ll come to replicating that traditional tobacco taste through an e-cig and is a must try for anyone looking to recreate a smoking experience.


Honey Roasted Tobacco is a flavour to try if you’re a fan of sweet tobacco flavours. This satisfying blend of sweet tobacco is topped off with roasted nuts covered in a delicious honey glaze. Similarly, Tobacco Deluxe offers a mouth-watering sweet sensation to your taste buds. This creamy e-liquid is infused with a velvety dessert infusion to deliver the perfect smooth flavour.


The Tobacco House range is available in our store now and is a must try if you’re a fan of tobacco based flavours. Head over to check out this superb range of shortfills.

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